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West Portal Proposed changes

Addressing the Tragic Accident at West Portal Station

Planning for a Safe and Welcoming Intersection

Update Message from the Office of Myrna Melgar & West Portal Merchants Association

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Announcing a new committee to address the West Portal Station traffic solutions

SupervisorMyrna Melgar
Supervisor Myrna Melgar

• • • • • • • • • • April 27, 2024 • • • • • • • • • •

Asafer, orderly, more welcoming and beautiful entrance to our thriving West Portal corridor is good for kids, families, and seniors, and it is good for business. National press attention descended on this corner of our district after an entire family was tragically killed by a speeding car while waiting for the bus.  For decades, the intersection of Ulloa and West Portal Avenue has been crowded, confusing, and conflicted. Home to multiple bus lines, transit lines, thousands of daily transit rides, cars, strollers, and more all competing for limited space without much direction or order. Since taking office in January 2021, I have been discussing the necessary changes to this intersection with merchants, neighbors, and visitors to West Portal. Our streets are in dire need of an upgrade, and now is the time to act.  We must assure residents, the greater public, and customers of the commercial corridor that West Portal is safe and welcoming.

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We have heard valid concerns about impacts to traffic on other streets, double parking, and traffic safety at surrounding intersections, and are actively engaging with West Portal merchants to address concerns, solve problems, and incorporate their feedback.  This public process is essential for the SFMTA to draft improvements to the proposal so the best possible design can be presented to the SFMTA Board for consideration.”

On April 18, Mayor Breed and I shared the first draft of a proposal to change traffic flow directly in front of the West Portal station.

Examples of materials that could be used to mark pedestrian-only space such as street murals, planters and bollards.

This draft design would create additional pedestrian space outside the station, encourage cars to visit West Portal Avenue instead of drive through it, and create clear delineation between space for transit and space for private vehicles.

This draft design also continues to allow car traffic on West Portal Avenue and preserves all parking on West Portal Avenue.

You can see the full proposed project here.

57 Parkmerced
The 57 Parkmerced’s last inbound and first outbound
stop is currently at the southwest corner of Ulloa Street and West Portal
Avenue. This stop and layover space would move across the
intersection on Ulloa Street just east of West Portal Avenue.
91 Owl
Currently, the 91 Owl serves its final stop directly outside West Portal Station before its
layover period there. Since that stop location would be converted to community space,
the layover location and the last inbound and first outbound stop would move to the
stop used by the 48 Quintara-24th Street at West Portal Avenue and Ulloa Street.

My office and the SFMTA are currently collecting feedback from the community on this proposal. The SFMTA has launched a survey , hosted 3 pop ups on the merchant corridor, and gathered input from hundreds of emails, phone calls, and in person comments at City Hall. We have heard valid concerns about impacts to traffic on other streets, double parking, and traffic safety at surrounding intersections, and are actively engaging with West Portal merchants to address concerns, solve problems, and incorporate their feedback.  This public process is essential for the SFMTA to draft improvements to the proposal so the best possible design can be presented to the SFMTA Board for consideration.

In the coming weeks, an updated proposal will be available that addresses many of the concerns voiced throughout this public process. I appreciate all those who have provided their feedback and look forward to sharing the updated proposal with the West Portal community and all District 7 residents once the targeted public outreach has concluded.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and thank you for your commitment to a Welcoming West Portal.

Myrna Melgar is the Supervisor for District 7

April 27, 2024


April 26, 2024

West Portal should be a safe, welcoming, and vibrant neighborhood for residents, merchants, and visitors alike. We share a common vision of thriving small businesses, efficient transit, and plentiful spaces for San Franciscans from all walks of life to gather and connect. By creating a more welcoming West Portal, we can pave the way for our City’s economic recovery and make meaningful progress on our goals to make all streets safer.

In order to see this shared vision become a reality, we must work collaboratively to welcome necessary changes that we agree will improve the neighborhood. This includes meaningful opportunities for public input, robust analysis of the tradeoffs involved in the changes to our streets, and thoughtful compromises that lead to the greatest good.

Today, we announce our commitment to collaborate on the West Portal Safety Improvement Project. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in our shared vision for the revitalization and enhancement of the West Portal neighborhood.

We recognize the importance of transparent communication, active engagement, and inclusive decision-making processes throughout the duration of the project. That’s why, together we announce the formation of a new joint committee to analyze the proposal and identify both areas of consensus and areas for improving the proposal. The Welcoming West Portal Committee committee will consist of merchants, neighbors, and other community members who live in, work, do business in or engage regularly with the West Portal neighborhood. Over the coming weeks, this committee will meet to discuss traffic impacts and parking issues and come to a consensus that works for all parties. 

Below, we have outlined some of the initial feedback we received from the community as well as issues that we kindly request the forthcoming committee to address.

We look forward to this collaborative effort and bringing the entire West Portal community together to forward our shared goals of a safe, welcoming, and vibrant corridor. 

Supervisor Myrna Melgar, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Deidre Von Rock, President, West Portal Merchants Association


Supervisor Myrna Melgar and Deidre Von Rock, President of the West Portal Merchants Association were glad to hear consensus on many elements of the proposal, including increasing enforcement, and disembarking the L-Taraval within the tunnel instead of on Ulloa Street. However, there remain areas that require more consideration in the current proposal and opportunities to improve the design for the greater community. Supervisor Melgar and Deidre Von Rock, President of the West Portal Merchants Association, request that the Welcoming West Portal Committee address the following primary concerns and develop a second proposal for improving safety and mobility in West Portal:

  • Traffic safety at the intersections surrounding West Portal Avenue & Ulloa St., including but not limited to Ulloa & Wawona, Claremont & Portola, 14th & Vicente, and Wawona & Vicente
  • Assessment of loading and passenger drop off zones on Ulloa between the West Portal station and Claremont
  • Traffic impacts on Vicente Street, 14th Avenue, 15th Avenue, and Taraval Street
  • Review the number and location of bus stops on Ulloa
  • The Welcoming West Portal Committee will consist of merchants, neighbors, and visitors to West Portal who share our vision of safety, mobility, and vibrancy for West Portal.

The Welcoming West Portal Committee will meet at least three times over the coming months and develop a second proposal for consideration by the SFMTA Board and for implementation in coordination with the return of the L-Taraval in Fall 2024.

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Myrna Melgar
Supervisor Myrna Melgar

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