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Triangle Park Celebration
Neighbors gather to celebrate a victory in the stretch of land between West Portal and Forest Hill
Neighbors Celebrate Rehab at Triangle Park

After years of neglect from City Hall, someone listened?

Triangle Park from the air
An abandoned neighborhood park at Vasquez, Balceta and Laguna Honda Blvd. has been renovated thanks to the work of neighbors Carol Dimmick and Roberta Bechtel, Jenny and Graham Stanley, MaryLou Corrigan, Eileen Kahaner, Katy Henrickson and Paul Dent

An eyesore for many years, Triangle Park was a plot of brown weeds. What used to be a stone water fountain lay deteriated and moldering, crowned by what was once a flag pole erected sometime during World War II, but now most of the rusty pole lay on the ground.

It's been over a year since Joel Engardio first wrote about the neighborhood spot. Neighbors had been doing weeding and other voluntaeer efforts to improve the park.


Now the park renovations are complete, and neighbors are enjoying their neighborhood park. The celebration of the new park took place on October 3rd at noon.”

Then former Supervisor Norman Yee encouraged neighbors of the park to apply for the "Participatory Budget," a program Yee sheparded into being. Neighbors won funding in 2018 through that program, but when funds fell short and delays and problems with the Department of Public Works endangered the project, Supervisor Yee came to the rescue to funded additional costs during his last year in office.

Now the park renovations are complete, and neighbors are enjoying their neighborhood park. The celebration of the new park took place on October 3rd at noon.

before and after Triangle Park
Roberta Bechtel stands at Triangle Park before and after the renovations

"The party was a great success — attended by about 100 people," Roberta Bechtel, Triangle Park Steward said. "There were donations from many merchants on West Portal: Bursa, Calibur, Peets, Submarine Center, BullsHead, Trattoria da Vittorio, Spiazzo and Noe Valley Bakery. The neighbors expressed their thanks for the renovation and we were so glad to have Supervisor Myrna Melgar, former Supervisor Norman Yee and head of DPW Carla Short in attendance. The Board of Supervisors recognized the park committee with certificates. We had a bluegrass band and the Committee paid to have free ice cream for the crowd when the Mr. Softee truck came. We hope to make it an annual event."

October 2021


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Proposed Medical Cannabis Dispensary in the Sunset District

2505 storefront

2505 Noriega Street Update

On July 13, 2017 the Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use authorization to allow a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD), the Apothecarium, to open at 2505 Noriega Street at 32nd Avenue. Two appeals have been filed in objection to the approved project. The Board of Supervisors held a hearing regarding the two appeals on Tuesday, October 3, 2017. (As we go to press). In the meantime, send your comments to, who has promised to take all comments into consideration.

October 2017

Art Proposals for the Westside Pump
Station Public Art Project

April 28, 2017 to May 12, 2017

pump station
Aileen Barr
Jovi Schnell
Jet Martinez

Proposal Viewing Location

Ortega Branch Library

3223 Ortega Street

The San Francisco Arts Commission is working with the Public Utilities Commission to commission a signature public artwork for the Westside Pump Station, located at the corner of Sloat Boulevard and the Great Highway. The newly commissioned artwork is intended to beautify and complement the architecture of the building, and will be part of the improvement project at the Westside Pump Station. Three artists were chosen as finalists by a Public Art Selection Panel to create site-specific proposals for this opportunity: Aileen Barr, Jet Martinez, and Jovi Schnell.

May 2017

stabilizing hillside
Public Works crews work to stabilize the hillside along O'Shaughnessy Boulevard between Malta Drive and Del Vale Avenue.

Recent storms forced the closure of O'Shaughnessy to traffic, including the 44-O'Shaughnessy Muni bus line, that was temporarily detoured while Public Works crews stabilize a cliff that has been eroding in recent rain storm. There have been no reports of injury or property damage.

Falling rock
Fallen rock on O'Shaughnessy Boulevard

The rocky slope in danger of sliding is situated on the west side of O'Shaughnessy across from Glen Canyon Park. Geologists assessed the hillside for potential rockslides, and recommended that loose rocks near the top be knocked away Work crews began knocking loose rock off of the hillside beginning on January 19.

Geologists will conduct a thorough study of the area after the O'Shaughnessy area is stabilized, though more rains and winds could cause closures in the area again, until the department to develops a long term solution.

Feb 2017

After Sea Levels Rise

SF Ballpark after sea level rise
Projected view of SF Ballpark after sea level rise

Sea-level rise is coming. Even if we keep global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees Celsius above historic norms—the benchmark for avoiding catastrophic climate warming—we may still see oceans creep four feet farther inland by 2100 and rise 20 feet by as soon as 2200. That's according to a new study published in the July issue of Science.

Feb 2017

Golden Gate.

Dog Management Rule on Hold at Golden Gate National Recreation Area

The National Park Service is putting on hold the signing of the Record of Decision and the publication of the Final Rule for Dog Management at Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

The decision comes in response to requests from members of Congress to extend the waiting period for the Final Environmental Impact Statement. This pause will also allow the National Park Service to conduct a review of certain records being released in response to an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request related to the park's Dog Management plan and rule.

To date, the National Park Service has released more than 260,000 pages of documents dating as far back as 1999 in response to the FOIA request. As part of its ongoing release of records under FOIA, in late-December 2016, the Park Service learned that a former park employee had used personal email for official communications related to the Dog Management Plan planning process. Upon learning this, the Park Service contacted the former employee and obtained his cooperation to conduct a search of his personal email accounts for agency records related to the Dog Management Plan planning process. As a result of that search, the Park Service recovered approximately 137 pages of emails that were responsive to the FOIA request. Those FOIA records will be released and posted today at, "Records Released January, 2017".

The Park Service will conduct an independent inquiry into whether personal email was used in a manner that is not consistent with applicable laws and policies, and if so, whether its use affected the planning and rulemaking processes. The Park Service will report the results of the internal review to the public. To help ensure an independent and impartial review, the inquiry will be conducted by National Park Service personnel who were not involved in the dog management planning process.

Further action under the National Environmental Policy Act and the rulemaking process for the Dog Management Plan will await the findings and conclusions of the independent review.

February 2017

SFPD Rolls Out October Speed Limit Enforcement Plan

Officer writes a ticket
Officer writes a ticket

Citywide Effort Part of New Campaign to Reduce Unsafe Speeds on High-Crash Streets

The San Francisco Safe Speeds Campaign will begin this October and will continue through the fall of 2017.

SFPD will be enforcing the speed limits on targeted areas that have high speeding and collision rates that were identified by the SFMTA, Department of Public Health, and SFPD.

The goal of the Safe Speeds Campaign is to protect pedestrians who walk or bike, as they account for over half of the traffic deaths in San Francisco. A citywide map of the areas being enforced will be shared with the public in hope of spreading awareness to change dangerous driving habits.

When the Safe Speeds SF campaign ends in fall 2017, city agencies will have new data and analysis about the role of enforcement in citywide speed deterrence. The map below portrays the corridors for High Visibility Enforcement for Safe Speed Campaign. Visit the Safe Speeds SF Campaign website for more information:

October 2016

Coyote crossing the street
James Corrigan, Forest Hill Extension, snapped this picture of a Coyote at Vasquez and Laguna Honda Blvd. on July 4, 2015.

July-August 2015

Settlement Reached — Forest Knolls Gets New Neighbors

proposed Forest Knolls Project
Illustration of proposed Forest Knolls Project

After a lengthy dispute with Mount Sutro Wood Owners Association which lead to a battle in Superior Court that kept the project from proceeding as approved, “Outlook Project” settlement has been reached. Approved for development in early 2013 with a total 34-units (24 duplexes and 10 townhomes), at the end of Crestmont Drive on the western slope of Mount Sutro.

The settlement,reduces the units from 34 to 29, with five (5) duplexes will be reduced in height by a story as single-family homes.

May 2015

Renewed Controls On Massage Parlors?

All massage establishments will have to have a Department of Public Health establishment permit and all new massage establishments will have to receive Conditional Use approval with certain exceptions if Supervisor Tang’s legislation returning land use and regulatory controls over massage establishments to the city’s jurisdiction. This will allow neighborhood notification and input of their opening.

If you would like to send letters or emails of support for the legislation, please send them to the members of the Land Use & Transportation Committee noting your support of Files 141302 and 141303.

Supervisor Scott Wiener
Supervisor Malia Cohen
Supervisor Jane Kim
Supervisor Katy Tang

Andrea Ausberry (Clerk)

May 2015

Parkmerced Terminates 32 Janitors and Handymen

SEIU USWW janitors and handymen went on the picket line on Tuesday April 14, at Parkmerced management brought in a new contractor who refused to allow them to continue their jobs. Thirty two workers were terminated — many have worked for over 20 years at the large housing project. Replacement workers are being brought into the complex to take their jobs. Many residents of Parkmerced have voiced their support for the workers.

May 2015

Likely Ballot Challenge to Short-Term Rentals (Airbnb) Filed

April 29th, Share Better San Francisco filed an initiative ordinance for the November 2015 ballot to tighten regulations on short-term residential rentals to tourists, such as those offered by HomeAway, VRBO and Airbnb, and provide the tools City Planning staff say are needed to provide effective enforcement of the law.

· Imposes fines on hosting platforms that list illegal or unregistered short-term rental (STR) units

· Requires quarterly reports of rental nights from hosts and hosting platforms

· Caps the number of allowable rental nights at 75 per year, hosted or unhosted, to discourage conversion of units to full-time STR use

· Allows ‘regular folks’ who may be directly impacted by illegal short-term rentals access to an effective enforcement alternative only if the City elects not to act on valid complaints

· Provides notification to neighbors and HOAs when STR registration is issued

The City Attorney has two weeks to prepare an official summary of the initiative. “We expect to begin gathering signatures in mid-May and will submit more than the 9,700 valid signatures required by July 6th,” said Dale Carlson, from the public relations firm, Carlson Advisors.

May 2015

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San Francisco. In Alameda? Wait, what?

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