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Five of the state”s dirtiest beaches are in the Bay Area

SF Bay fish

SF’s Sewage Agency Needs Some Treatment

by Jeff Ruch

Want your taxes & utility fees to pay to pollute our beaches? SF taxpayers and ratepayers are footing the bill to fight for that privilege.

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Nancy Wuerfel

Thank You Nancy Wuerfel

by George Wooding

Oh no! You don't want Nancy Wuerfel on your case! That woman does her homework, which means that you're going to have to do yours as well!.

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Waiting List

Laguna Honda’s battle to keep 120 skilled nursing beds is unnecessary.

Patrick Monette-Shaw

LHH’s bedrooms exceed the minimum square-foot restrictions. They have sliding doors between each bedroom — essentially making them all private, single-person rooms.

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SFDPH enables contaminated development

Radioactive USS Independence

Health Dept. Streamlines Article 31

by Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai

The Health Department’s Article 31 needs to prevent housing on radioactive sites.

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Milking Cows

Laguna Honda Seeks Additional $18 Million for Consultants

Recertification accomplished - so what’s this for?

Patrick Monette-Shaw

On top of the $64.9 M already spent — including $30.5 M on consultant contracts, $22.3 M lost Medi-Cal reimbursement, and $12 M misc.

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Beyond the tangle of red tape

Public Bank Race

Will SF be the first City with a Public Bank?

Doug Comstock

Mired in Dull-as-Dishwater Details, It's an Amazing Accomplishment — But Will Oakland Beat Us To It?

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