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May 24 McClaren Trees Get the Ax
Apr 24 SFMTA City College Transit
Feb 24 Emergency Firefighting Water Supply
Jan 24 Phoney Groups Sow Discord
Jan 24 Save the Marina Promenade
Jan 24 San Francisco in the East Bay?
Dec 23 Uncertain Future for RV Dwellers / Thomas Pendergast
Nov 23 RV Dwellers face xmas eviction
Nov 23 Man apprehends thief at Walgreens
Nov 23 Disastrous diversion programs
Nov 23 Rec & Parks Marina Scam
Oct 23 Bait & Switch in the Marina
Oct 23 Deceptive Neighborhood Groups/Julie Pitta
Sep 2023 Keep Score on Local Judges/John Trasvina
Sep 2023 SF's Sewage Disposal Needs Clean-up/Jeff Ruch
Aug 2023 Will SF Have the First Public Bank /Doug Comstock?
Jul 2023 Sunset's Unlikely Tower / Julie Pitta
Jun 2023 Supes Honor Nancy Wuerfel
Jul 2023 Ethics Commission's Black Hole / Sullivan
May 2023 Can the Sunshine Task Force follow rules?— Sullivan
May 2023 Participatory Budget vote nears / Doug Comstock
May 2023 Fear and Trembling — Frisco Style / Julie Pitta
May 2023 Can the Sunshine Task Force Enforce Its Laws?— Sullivan
Apr 2023 The Crisis in Housing for Artists
Apr 2023 Is Sunshine Task Force Ethically Challenged? — Sullivan
Mar 2023 Risks of SF's High-rise Buildings — David Osgood Mar 2023 Participatory Budget 2023 — Sup. Myrna Melgar
Mar 23 Sunshine: Fighting Against a Stacked Deck / Sullivan
Mar 23 Oxalis is Bad - but Herbicides are Worse! / SF Forest Alliance
Mar 23 Neighbors to Protest Chase Bank / Ken Hoegger
Feb 23 Union Square Ransackers Get off Scott Free / Frank Noto
Dec 22 Redistricting: Frist Victim Gordon Mar
Nov 22 Banning Traffic stops by SFPD could have unintended consequences / Frank Noto
Nov 22 City Struggles With Housing Glut / Thomas Pendergast
Oct 22 Wading through the Props / Doug Comstock
Sep 22 Vote Yes on I and No on J / Frank Noto
Mar 22 D7: A Progressive Future? / Doug Comstock
Apr 22 UCSF Expansion Plans Under Submission as Judge Considers Arguments / Doug Comstock
Apr 22 Chaos at the Redistricting Task Force / Doug Comstock
Mar 22 Redistricting Goes Off the Rails / Doug Comstock
Mar 22 Redistricting's Final Battlelines / Doug Comstock
Mar 22 Retreat from Sea Level Rise is Avoidable / Dennis Holl
Mar 22 Redistricting: Drawing the Battle Lines in District 7 / Doug Comstock
Mar 22 Banning Cars from JFK is Exclusionary / Howard Chabner
Feb 22 SFMTA's Continuing MUNI Problems / Gerald Cauthen & Angelo Figone
Feb 22 Bob Planthold,
Father, Advocate, Humbug / Rick Knee
Jan 22 School Board: Moliga is a Keeper/ Gaynorann Siataga
Jan 22 Things that go SCREECH in the Night / Doug Comstock
Jan 22 Park Road Closures / Paul Kozakiewicz
Dec 21 The Sunset is Fired Up! / Paul Kozakiewicz
Dec 21 Transform the Great Highway / John Elliott
Dec 21 Why I'm Supporting School Board Recall / John Trasvina
Dec 21 Walk along the Great Parkway / J. Farrell & D. Comstock
Nov 21 MUNI's Survey At Play / Deetje Boler
Oct 21 MUNI's Phoney Survey / Deetje Boler
Oct 21 Balboa Project Update / Alex Mullaney
Oct 21 Triangle Park Celebration
Oct 21 West Portal Chronicler Rae Doyle / Mary Hunt
Sep 21 Goats to the Rescue! / Doug Comstock
Sep 21 SF Park & Rec Needs to Decrease Toxic Herbicide Use / Anastasia Glikshtern
Aug 21 Time for Community Advisory Boards/Julie Pitta
Aug 2021 Alvin Duskin SF Visionary / Doug Comstock
Aug 2021 Judge Halts UCSF Behemoth Plan / Doug Comstock
June 2021 Farmers Are Bracing for Drought / Peter Drekmeier
June 2021 Supe's Meeting Ends in Confusion
June 2021 Reopen JFK Drive!
May 2021 Reopen the Great Highway!
Apr 2021 West Portal Reawakens
Apr 2021 Can We Save City College? / by Julie Pitta
Apr 2021 Rate Increase Disguised in Cuddly Garb / by Ted Loewenberg
Apr 2021 Sunshine Dims in California / Karl Olson
Feb 2021 UCSF's Neighbors File CEQA Lawsuit
Dec 2020 Melgar: District 7 – A Total Transit Desert
Jan 2021 Board of Supes to UCSF: "Hold on there buckaroo...
Dec 2020 An Interview with Supervisor Elect Myrna Melgar
Nov 2020 Who Benifits from Green “Benefit” Districts? / John Hooper & Mark Sullivan
Nov 2020 Will Restricting Public Scrutiny Fix City College? / Harry Bernstein
Oct 2020 More Pavement—Less Park / David Romano
Oct 2020 Don't Change Lowell's Admission Policy
Sep 2020 Multiple Arrests: Illegal Firearms and Narcotics
Aug 2020 D7 Supervisor Candidates Answer the Tough Questions
Aug 2020 Walking West Portal
Jul 2020 Irreparable Damage to City College — Legal Violations at Balboa Reservoir Project Cited
Jul 2020 Toxic Tire Crumbs Seep into SF Groundwater / by David Romano
Jul 2020 Merchants Get Creative to Inspire Shoppers
Jul 2020 City College Stakeholders File CEQA Appeal
Jul 2020 Teachers Wait for Direction / by K Rolph Morales
Jul 2020 Students Want Schools Open / by 8th Grader
Jun 2020 Balboa Giveaway Bad Break for City College
Jun 2020 7 Candidates File for D7 Supervisor
May 2020Signs of Life Reappear on West Portal
May 2020Long Distance Learning and Student Stress / by 8th Grader
Nov 2019 Night Bloom
Nov 2019 Seperate to Revive Perennials
Nov 2019 Horseback Riding Returns to GGP
Oct 2019 73rd National Rodeo
Jun 2019 A Crisis of Leadership
May 2019 94,000 Historic Photos
May 2019 Irish Famine Memorial
May 2019 NOT the Greenest City
Apr 2019 SF Library Waives Fines
Mar 2019 Chef Michael Gonzalez Remembered
Feb 2019 Society of Professional Journalists' Award
Feb 2019 Magnificent Magnolias
Nov 2018 Manhattanization
Nov 2018 Gladys Hansen
Oct 2018 Amazon Package Prowler
Jul 2018 Wildflowers!
Jun 2018 Rising Rents Endanger Arts
Jun 2018 Judges Election? Yes and No
Mar 2018 Westside Mayoral Forum
Dec 2017 Saving San Francisco's Heart | Dr. Derek Kerr
Dec 2017 No Room at the Inn (Long Term Care) | Dr. Teresa Palmer
Nov 2017 Neighborhood Fire Plan Abandoned
Nov 2017 Westside Vulnerable, Fireman Warns
Oct 2017 Build the Piazza!
Sep 2017 Parkmerced Tenants Rights
Jun 2017 Overcoming Ocean Obstacles | Nora Hall
May 2017 Town Hall Confronts Law Officers
May 2017 Why Groundwater? Why Now? | Jeffrey Gilman, SF PUC
Apr 2017 WILDflowers
Mar 2017 Supreme Court Clears Cobwebs
Mar 2017 Planning OKs Coastal Plan
Feb 2017 Storms Close O'Shaughnessy
Feb 2017 Landmarking Closer for Iconic El Rey Theater
Feb 2017 New Laws for 2017—Be Aware
Feb 2017 Tickled Pink! Magnificent Magnolias
Nov 2016 Measure RR: Keep BART Safe and Reliable | Phil Ting and Nick Josephowitz
Oct 2016 Props P & U - Pro & Con | Supervisor Mark Farrell & Fernando Martí
Oct 2016 Let's Elect Our Elected Officials
Oct 2016 L-Taraval Update | Katy Tang
Oct 2016 Densification Warning | Rose Hillson
Sep 2016 Prop M - Pro & Con | Supervisors Tang & Peskin
Sep 2016 Circle the Wagons Around Our Coyotes | Janet Kessler
Sep 2016 St. Cecilia's Centenial | Liam Reidy
Sep 2016 PROP C: A Lot of Bang for the Bucks | Peter Cohen and George Wooding
Sep 2016 Outside Lands | Wendy Oakes
Jul 2016 Sunshine: Uphill Battle to Keep 'em Honest | Rick Knee
Jul 2016 Rebirth of Manor Coffee Shop Defies Recent Trends | Tony Taylor
Jun 2016 District 7 Election for Supervisor Draws Challengers
Jun 2016 Thank You Chief Suhr | John Farrell
May 2016 Sidewalk Tree Pruning? Beware, Your Pocketbook May Get Pruned
May 2016 City College Strike Underscores Trouples | By Marco Siler-Gonzales
Apr 2016 Break-ins, Homeless Worry Westside | By M. Sullivan
Mar 2016 Window on the World (Photo Exhibit)
Feb 2016 100 Magnolia Trees To Brighten Gloomy Winter Days
Dec 2015 City College Pushes Back
Dec 2015 Publisher at the Westside Observer Celebrates 8 Years
Dec 2015 Board of Supervisors Turns Down Parkmerced Appeal
Dec 2015 Goats: New Plan for Fire Safety at UCSF/Mt. Sutro
Dec 2015 Taraval Station's New Captain Takes On the Job
Nov 2015 Sold on Playhaven SF | Henry Wong
Nov 2015 Harvesting Cannabis Taxes
Nov 2015 Rod and Gun Club Remediation | Staff
Oct 2015 New Sunshine Complaint Procedure Defeats Sunshine | Lynn Gavin
Oct 2015 Mass Evictions Rock Parkmerced | Lynn Gavin
Sep 2015 Too Late for the Eucalyptus? | Jake Sigg
Sep 2015 Tom Mayer | Linda Ayers-Frederick
Jul 2015 MUNI Service Improving? | Glenn Rogers
Jul 2015 Kirkham Project: Replace 86 units with up to 460 units
Jun 2015 Swingout or Breakaway—the Lindy is Back!| Henry Wong
Jun 2015 Parkmerced Weakens Prop M | Glenn Rogers
May 2015 Not So Happy at Vape Lounge | Anita Theoharris
May 2015 City College: A Threat Averted But Many Challenges Ahead | Rafael Mandelman
May 2015 Not So Happy at Vape Lounge | Anita Theoharris
Apr 2015 After 30 Years Leading CCSF Journalism Department, ‘Not Over Yet’ for Juan Gonzales | Mary Strope
Apr 2015 It's Our Right and Our Duty to Petition | Doug Comstock
Mar 2015 At Midpoint: District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee | Doug Comstock
Mar 2015 Magnificent Magnolias
Feb 2015 63rd Annual Pacific Orchid Expo
Feb 2015 Westside Drinking Water: SFPUC Responds | Steven Ritchie
Feb 2015 Public Land for Housing: Balboa Reservoir? | Maya Lekach
Dec 2014 The Shame of Rec and Park | Kathleen McCowin
Dec 2014 Four more years — without opposition? | Tim Redmond,
Dec 2014 Girl Scouts Lead Thousands in Anti-bullying March
Dec 2014Taraval Streetscape Construction Underway
Nov 2014 Erosion Spurs Planning at Ocean Beach
Nov 2014 SF Voters' Choice | Mitch Bull
Oct 2014 Why We Are Fighting To Keep Control Over Our Parks | Greg Miller
Oct 2014 City College: What's All the Fighting About? | Staff
Oct 2014 West Portal parent jumps into School Board Race | Staff
Oct 2014 Commonwealth Club Features SF Community Newspapers | Staff
Jun 2014 Fate of Parkmerced Awaits Decision | Glenn Rogers
Jun 2014 Local High School Seeks Connection with the Community | Amy Belkora
Jun 2014 The Sunshine Vendetta | Rick Knee
Jun 2014 Parkmerced: Check Your Lease | Pastor Lynn Gavin
May 2014 Affirmative Action in Admissions: One Perspective | John Lum
May 2014 In-laws Hit the Neighborhoods | Roger Ritter
Sep 2014Don’t Turn West of Twin Peaks Into Fawlty Towers! | Roger Ritter
Mar 2014 Behind the Trustees' Struggle for City College | Dr. Anita Grier, Trustee
Mar 2014 Infrastructure: Taking on the Big Picture
Feb 2014 Rain Please - But Some Other Day? | Maya
Feb 2014 19th Avenue Traffic Study | Glenn Rogers
Dec 2013 Turf Burn | Susan Gerhardt
Nov 2013 Court to Ethics' St. Croix: Cough Up the Records
Oct 2013 California Golf Club Encounters Angela Alioto
Sep 2013 City College Feeling the Crunch | John Rizzo
Sep 2013 One-of-a-kind cloud forest bursts into bloom
Jul 2013 Over Development on Twin Peaks?
Jul 2013 Library Time | Peter Warfield
Jun 2013 Neighborhood Businesses Need to Play by the Rules | Avrum Shepard
May 2013 Miracle on Miraloma: Bengal Alley Open to the Public
May 2013 Lead Hazard Program: Dangerous to Children | Rita O'Flynn
May 2013 Projectomania: Build First, Plan Later | Glenn Rogers
May 2013 Garbage Rates Increasing | Gary Noguera
Apr 2013 Mud Pies at Lake Merced | Thomas K. Pendergast
Mar 2013 Fight for Forest Knolls | Charles Powell
Mar 2013 Common Plumbing Leaks Waste Money | Chandra Johnson
Feb 2013 SF Silent Film Festival | Tom Mayer
Dec 2012 Greek Restaurant, Orexi, Opens with Passion | Kieth Burbank
Dec 2012 Dickens Fair Honors Author's 200th Birthday| Tom Mayer
Dec 2012 It's Winter Faire at Stonestown's Farmers Market
Dec 2012 It's Norman Yee By a Nose | Chris Bowman
Nov 2012Sons in Retirement
Nov 2012City College: Educating San Franciscans for over 75 years | Kathleen White
Oct 2012 Mass Evictions Beginning at Parkmerced? | Lynn Gavin
Oct 2012 First West Nile Virus positive Bird found Near City College
Oct 2012 Candidate Forum
Sep 2012 Food Trucks are Coming and May Help More Discover West Portal | Keith Burbank
Sep 2012 Hollywired for a Day
Jul 2012 Stern Grove at 75 | Wendy Oakes
Jun 2012 Will a Food Truck Event Benefit West Portal Restaurants? | Keith Burbank
Jun 2912 DPW Makes a Path but No "All Clear" at Bengal Alley | Doug Comstock
May 2012 Sunnyside—A Great Place to Live! | Don Price
May 2012 Stories in the Sand | Harold Gillium
Mar 2012 What Price Sunshine
Mar 2012 Birds of the Beach Chalet Need Our Help | Iland DeBare, SF Audobon Society
Mar 2012 Fight Brews Over Future of Mt. Davidson's Forest
Feb 2012 Use Tax Season to Organize for the Future | Rick Rogers
Feb 2012 Crestmont Neighbors Mount Campaign Against Overlook Development—Again
Dec 2011 Parkmerced Agreement Illegally Excluded the Public | Hope Johnson
Dec 2011 Tigers and Bears on Bengal Alley | Doug Comstock
Nov 2011 The Bullying Epidemic—Why PARENTS Have to Take the Lead
Nov 2011 Two Tough Dogs Survive Coyote Attack | Doug Comstock
Oct 2011 October 15 Set for NERT Drill | Joe Humphreys
Oct 2011 The Chair of RBOC Responds to Brian Browne
Oct 2011 Interim Mayor Lee Opens West Portal Office
Sep 2011 Jeff Adachi Enters the Mayor's Race
Jun 2011 Neighbor-on-Neighbor Disputes Resolved | Darlene Weide
Jun 2011 Ethel Rohan: West Portal Writer Publishing Debut
May 2011 West Portal Family's Garden Transforms Beautifully Over Time
May 2011 Leland Yee Makes It Official/Mayor's Race
Apr 2011 RPD Sets the Record Straight | Connie Chan (Pro & Con: Park Privatization)
Mar 2011 Revenue Shortfalls: Discontinue The Arboretum Fee | Elias Moore
Mar 2011 Supervisors Demand Muni Cut Switchbacks
Nov 2010 Miraloma Park Windpower Installation Challenged | Dan Liberthson
Oct 2010 Constant Support in a Constantly Changing World | Mollie Oleson
Oct 2010 Life on the Line | Doug Comstock
Sep 2010 Mismanagement: Harding Park Contract—The Final Insult | Nancy Wuerful
Jul 2010 Pension Tsunami: The Billion Dollar Bubble
Jul 2010 The Regulatory Morass of the SFPUC Financing System | Brian Browne
Jun 2010 Infrastructure Along Ocean Beach Needs Repair | Jonathan Farrell
Jun 2010 Parents Take on School District | Bayard Fong
May 2010 Fix MUNI Now | Supervisor Sean Elsbernd and Alex Volberding
Apr 2010 City Big Winner as Sunshine Proves Its Value
Feb 2010 Why Just About Everything You Hear About California's Water Crisis Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong | Yasha Levine
Feb 2010 A Winning Treatment for Sciatica | Scott Swanson, DC
Dec 2009 To X-ray or Not To X-Ray | Scott Swanson, DC
Nov 2009 Sutro Forest Endangered!
Nov 2009 PGA Tour: Having a Blast In Our Own Backyard | Peter Bencharsky
Oct 2009 New Harvey Milk Center Opens
Oct 2009 Montessori Celebrates 33 Years Serving Children
Oct 2009 Loma Piereta 20 Years Later 2009-Are You Prepared for An Earthquake?
Oct 2009 Smuin Ballet Launches 2009 Season | Mitch Bull
Sep 2009 The "1909" Cliff House Celebrates 100 Years | Mitch Bull
Sep 2009 Bud Wilson: The Mayor of West Portal | Doug Comstock
Sep 2009 Parkmerced: Imagines A Better Future | Staff Report
Sep 2009 Laguna Honda Hospital's Identity Crisis | Staff Report
Jul 2009 A New Book by Manfred Wolf | Charles Pfister
Jul 2009 Quotation Marks: Where do the commas and periods go—and why? | Tina Blue
May 2009 Bike To Work Westside | Wes McCuloughs
May 2009 Home Based Businesses Thrive on the Westside | Florence Alberts
Apr 2009 City Ignores Safety of Unsound Structures | John Barry
Apr 2009 Drunken Driver Rams House Sticks Elderly Couple With Bill
Mar 2009 Golf is Better When Your Spine is in Line! | Dr. Jamie Stern, D.C.
Mar 2009 Cancer Cooking and Prevention Course
Feb 2009 City Carshare Expands to West Portal
Feb 2009 Strokes Now Have a New Indicator: the Tongue
Feb 2009 How To Go Non-Toxic When Cleaning Your Home | Jorge Lee
Feb 2009 Human Error, Murder or Steroid Abuse? | H. Brown
Feb 2009 The Ethical Inquisition of Tony Hall | Michael Strickland
Sep 2008 Cow Palace: Not Dead Yet. | Kevin Patterson, Friends of Cow Palace
Jun 2008 A walk through Chinatown | Marjorie Leet-Ford
Feb 2008 Get rich quick, join City Hall | Myrna Lim
Dec 2007 From the deck | John Shanley
Nov 2007 Save the nursing beds at Laguna Honda | John Farrell

Mar 2019 Adachi Remembered
Oct 2011 Prop D: The Better Solution to Pension Reform
Mar 2011 Wisconsin Events Don't Affect Pension Reform
Feb 2011 Fixing Our City's Broken Pension System
Dec 2010 Next Steps in City Pension Reform
Oct 2010 Escalating Pension and Healthcare Costs
Sep 2010 The Facts About Healthcare Under Prop B
Jun 2010 SF's Broken Pension System Is Breaking You
Mar 2010 Why San Franciscans Must Support Pension Reform
Dec 2009 Solving San Francisco's Budget Problems
Nov 2009 Prop A: Local Budget Measure Falls Short Of True Reform
Jun 2009 Mayor's Cuts are Taxpayors' Disaster


Dec 23 Judge misuse of Mental Health diversion
Aug 2023 Re-evaluating Prop 47
Jul 2021 Only 6 Shopliftings Occur Daily in SF?
Jun 2021 How Boudin’s Friends Bully His Critics
May 2021 Boudin’s Corpses, More Than a Serial Killer
May 2021 Boudin Supporters' Misinformation Campaign
Apr 8, 2021 Is Weak Prosecution Triggering Vigilantism?
Mar 27, 2021 As DA Prosecutions Wane, Vigilantism Sprouts
Mar 2021 Boudin's Fake Twitter Account?
Feb 2021 Judge Questions DA's Leniency
Jan 2021 Homeowners—here comes prop 19!
Dec 2020 Sloppy Statistics on Covid-19 deaths
Oct 2020 Boudin and Raju Throw Rocks From Their Glass Houses
Sep 2020 Vilaska and Melgar: Are Outside Influencers Invading D7?
Jul 2020 DA Boudin Advocates Stats That Flatter SFPD
Jun 2020 Larceny Declined 96% During Protests?
May 2020 Prelude to a Police Shooting
Apr 2020 Boudin's Struggles
Mar 2020 Scapegoating SFPD
Feb 2020 Chronicle Needs to Experiment with Reality
Mar 2020 Insurance—No Investment
Feb 2020 Community Property pitfalls
Dec 2019 The Chronicle's Vanishing Crime (Stats)
Nov 2019 SF Cops - Massive Exodus?
Oct 2019 Save Tourism: Homeless on the Westside
Sep 2019 SFPD's Chief Raids Pension Fund
Jul 2019 SFPD's Internal Affairs Cowboys
Jun 2019 SFPD Promotions Raise Questions
May 2019 Sunset Turning into an RV Park?
Apr 2019 Pac Heights Denizen Wades Into SFERs Swamp
Mar 2019 SFPD Squad Car Tactics
Feb 2019 SFPD Scarecrows Replacing Clark Kents
Dec 2018 SFERs Limo and Vacation Fund
Nov2018 Churning Co-workers Pension Accounts
Oct 2018 SFERs: An Underfunded Mess?
Jul 2018 Violations at the Retirement Board?
Jun 2018 Car Break-Ins: Phony Statistics and Placebo Beat Cops
May 2018 SFERS Pension Conflicts of Interest
Apr 2018 City that Has Forgotten How
Mar 2018 SFERS Defies Warren Buffett’s Rules
Feb 2018 Laundering Influence: SFPD's Charities
Dec 2017 The Senate Is After Your Money
Nov 2017 Did the DOJ Slam SFPD Using Fuzzy Math?
Oct 2017 Is Jury Duty A Health Risk At 850 Bryant?
Sep 2017 Step It Up (Taxes)
Jul 2017 Deferred Comp Id@nt!ty Theft
Jun 2017 SFPDs Millenial Tech Effect
May 2017 Streaking Your Workouts and Your Investments
Apr 2017 How To Acquire Shares in Apple From Thin Air
Mar 2017 The Marshmellow Experiment: Genesis for Roth IRA's?
Feb 2017 The Unaudited, Unverified, Undocumented City Pension
Dec 2016 Dude, Where's My Investment?
Nov 2016 Do you have the firefighter's backs?
Oct 2016 Cherry Picking Statistics
Jul 2016 The Cop in the Arena
Jun 2016 Say It Ain't So, Joe
May 2016 Should A 401k Replace The Public Employees Pension?
Apr 2016 Do SF Employees Receive Equal Protection?
Mar 2016 Will EB-5 Visas Drive Up the Price of Beer?
Feb 2016 Car Break-ins Up 50% as Larceny Escalates
Dec 2015 Invest In Teachers or Hedge Fund Managers?

Feb 2011 Why I'm (Almost) Fearless
Dec 2010 Vanity's End
Nov 2010 Dying Young
Oct 2010 Lars Didn't Do It
Sep 2010 My Superior Forgettery
Jul 2010 Conversations With the Other Me
Jun 2010 Hope Springs Internal!
May 2010 Getting To Know You
Apr 2010 Getting Ready
Mar 2010 I NEVER Exaggerate
Feb 2010 MEridian 7-1212 or POpcorn
Dec 2009 Out With the New In With the Old
Nov 2009 Two Threads
Oct 2009 What I know For Sure
Sep 2009 Flotsom & Jetsam & Me
Jul 2009 Nothing to Be Done
Jun 2009 Save It or Spend It?
May 2009 Never Mind
Apr 2009 Unexpected Detour
Mar 2009 When We Don't Know What To Do
Feb 2009 Pink Feathers
Dec 2008 Fly on the Wall
Oct 2008 In a Very Strange Land
Sep 2008 Can a Victim Be Responsible?
Jul 2008 The Slough of Despond
Jun 2008 Some of us are taller than others
May 2008 Don't Remember Mama
Apr 2008 The moment that is not yet
Mar 2008 We'll never be best friends
Feb 2008 Who am I, really?
Dec 2007 The impatient patient
Nov 2007 Dying Young

Feb 22 New Report: 10% of SF housing is vacant / Tim Redmond
Jan 2022 Shipyard, Mired in Problems, Pays Off for Willie Brown | Matt Smith
Sep 2015 Major S.F. Bayfront Developments Advance Despite Sea Rise Warnings | SF Public Press
Jul 2015 Should Mayors Influence Commissioners? | Randy Shaw
June 2015 Violence and Intimidation at the DCCC? | Tim Redmond
Apr 2015 As Parents Get More Choice, S.F. Schools Resegregate | Jeremy Adam Smith
Mar 2015 Saving San Francisco | Joel P. Engardio,
Feb 2015 Julie Christensen is Designer of Change at SF City Hall | Joel P. Engardio,
Dec 2014 Four more years — without opposition? | Tim Redmond,
June 2012 Part II Willie Brown's Money Machine | Larry Bush,
May 2012 Willie Brown's Money Machine | Larry Bush,
Mar 2012 DA Gascon Has Dropped Hundreds of Domestic Violence Cases, Denies Records Exist | Larry Bush,
Apr 2012 City Enters Uncharted Territory in Mirkarimi Case | Matt Smith,
Mar 2012 DA Gascon Has Dropped Hundreds of Domestic Violence Cases, Denies Records Exist | Larry Bush,
Feb 2012 Ranked Choice Voting Before Rules Committee | Jonathan Nathan,
Dec 2011 Rose Pak Makes Deals, Gains Influence | Matthew Robertson,
Dec 2011 The Dog Killer and the Arts Commission | Michael Strickland
Nov 2011 More Than Just Voter Fraud | Oliver Luby
Oct 2011 A Dirty Fight Over Clean Elections
Jul 2011 Civil Grand Jury-Ethics Commission: Sleeping Watchdog
May 2011 Follow The Supes' Money

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Jun 2023 Fighting SFPUC's rate hikes
Feb 2023 Hospice Admissions Dodge Human Rights
Oct 2022 SFPUC Shenanigans Raise Our Rates
Apr 2022 SFPUC's Missing Oversight
Jan 2022 Can SF Keep Hetch Hetchy?
Dec 2021 Unregulated Investor-owned Utilities
May 2021 What Determines Utility Rates?
Apr 2021 Let's Plan for OUR Future Water Needs
Jan 2021 SF's Regulatory Morass
Dec 2020 Failed Watchdog Committee Encourages Corruption
Jul 2020 SFPUC Is Billing Our Grandchildren
Dec 2019 SFPUC's Missing Info
Oct 2019 The Illusion of Oversight
Mar 2019 Newsom's One Tunnel WaterFix
Feb 2019 Taxing Taxes
Jun 2018 Electrical Competition
Mar 2017 Bravo to the Dinosaurs
Dec 2016 Pinocchio - Noses are getting longer
Sep 2016 Is the SFPUC a bank with a side business
Jul 2016 Responding to the SFPUC
Jun 2016 Unveiling a Flawed and Enigmatic Tax System
Apr 2016 The SFPUC's Illegal Tier Pricing
Mar 2016 Santa Claus at City Hall
Dec 2015 The Name Game
Sep 2015 Economics and Public Choice – Political Economy
Jul 2015 Proposition 218 – The courts are speaking – listen!
Jun 2015 No Bonds without Real and Independent Oversight
May 2015 Reinterpreting Laws
Apr 2015 Drought Pricing and Water Allocations
Mar 2015 Brinegate Revisited Ignored
Feb 2015 Why Prop 218 Must Not Be Ignored
Nov 2014 Illegal Water Rates
Oct 2014 Let the market decide – Utility services
Sep 2014 Revisiting Power Deregulation
Jul 2014 Ride Share: It's the Wild Wild West
Jun 2014 The Ratemeking Season - SFPUC Rates
Mar 2014 Drought — the truth about the water works
Feb 2014 Oversight or Misuse? | Tony Hall and Brian Browne
Dec 2013 No Oversight of Water Plan
Apr 2013 Regulatory Failure
Dec 2012 The Committee That Never Was
May 2012 Let the Revenue Bond Oversight Committee Sunset
Mar 2012 All in the Family II
Feb 2012 All in the Family
Oct 2011 An Alternative View
Sep 2011 Dracula Guards the Blood Bank
Oct 2011 The Chair of RBOC Responds to Brian Browne
Apr 2011 The Medallian Muddle
Mar 2011 More from the Henhouse
Dec 2010 Foxes and Henhouses at SF's PUC
Dec 2008 City PUC Falling Behind on Water Fix-up?

Sep 2014 Boathouse Renovation Brings Out Fans, Critics
Sep 2014 Trattoria Marks Milestone
Jul 2014 City Has "No Plan" for Climate Change
Jul 2014 A Taste of What's Possible for West Portal
Jun 2014 Take A Taste of West Portal June 14–15th
Jun 2014 It All Begins with Bread at La Boulange
Jun 2014 Community Benefits District Wins in West Portal
May 2014 El Toreador Makes a Statement With Color
May 2014 New Law Distresses Owners of Single Family Homes
Apr 2014 Taraval Station: Newsletter Moratorium?
Apr 2014 Spring Brightens As West Portal Recovers
Mar 2014 Residents Divided Over Plans for Mt. Sutro Reserve
Jan 2014 Fukushima Plume: "No Evidence" of West Coast Threat Officials Say
Dec 2013 Progress or Paint-Job at the Boathouse?
Dec 2013 A Bakery on West Portal
Nov 2013 A Chat With Captain Curtis Lum
Nov 2013 Water Main Fixed But Promises Unresolved
Oct 2013 Plans to Curb Traffic Crush Meet Community Concerns
Sep 2013 Framing West Portal
Jul 2013 Squat and Gobble Meets with No Opposition
Jun 2013 Trattoria da Vittorio Bistro
Jun 2013 Neighborhood Social Network Comes to West Portal
Mar 2013 Nervous 19th Neighbors Eye Agency Changes to Metro M-line
Mar 2013 UCSF's Mt. Sutro Forest grows controversy
Feb 2013 New Italian Flare to Replace Cafè for All Seasons
Dec 2012 Pacific Rod & Gun Club: Such A Deal
Dec 2012 Greek Restaurant, Orexi, Opens with Passion | Kieth Burbank
Nov 2012 Fire Destroys Squat & Gobble, Vin Debut, Neighboring Buildings Damaged
Nov 2012 OfftheGrid Reconsiders Food Truck Event for West Portal
Sep 2012 Food Trucks are Coming and May Help More Discover West Portal
Jul 2012 Will a Food Truck Event Benefit West Portal Restaurants?

May 2012 Willie Brown's Money Machine | Larry Bush,
Mar 2012 DA Gascon Has Dropped Hundreds of Domestic Violence Cases, Denies Records Exist | Larry Bush,
Dec 2011 Rose Pak Makes Deals, Gains Influence | Matthew Robertson,
Oct 2011 A Dirty Fight Over Clean Elections
Jul 2011 Civil Grand Jury-Ethics Commission: Sleeping Watchdog
May 2011 Follow The Supes' Money

Mar 2016 The Wait is Over! Original Joe's is Back!
Sep 2014 Trattoria Marks Milestone
Dec 2013 Chiropractic Care Without the Pops and Twists
Oct 2013 Massage Envy Spa Honors Westlake Clinic
Jul 2013 Squat and Gobble Meets with No Opposition
Jun 2013 Trattoria da Vittorio Bistro
Jul 2913 Join The Cliff House in Celebrating its 150 Anniversary | Mitch Bull
Dec 2012 Greek Restaurant, Orexi, Opens with Passion | Kieth Burbank
Sep 2012 Goats on West Portal? | Jonathan Farrell
Apr 2012 Roberts Espresso | Jonathan Farrell
Mar 2012 Resizing Your Home?/Infrared Sauna
Nov 2011 City Sites Open To Collect Gift-Filled Shoe Boxes
Sep 2011 Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital
Jul 2011 Hard Copy Still King at Bookshop West Portal
Jun 2011 TRUE SOUND…a resourceful store for your hearing
May 2011 Smooth skin the easy way: EUROPEAN WAX CENTER
Nov 2010 Why Businesses Like Mediation
Sep 2010 Dimitra's Medi-spa
May 2010 Alma Via
Apr 2010 Community Business District
Mar 2010 Dr. Victoria Tobar: The Art of Personalized, Caring Dentistry
Feb 2010 West Portal Merchants/Firefighters Toy Program Catches Fire
Dec 2009 Shop SF and Support the Local Economy
Nov 2009 Que Syrah Wine Bar
Oct 2009 Dr. L. Bruce Mebine and Associates
Sep 2009 Sterling Salon and Spa
Jul 2009 Ken Topping Home Improvements
Jun 2009 Baby Streets—For Babies On the Go!
May 2009 Alfred's — The Classic Steakhouse
Apr 2009 Take a tour of India at Restaurant Roti
Mar 2009 Customized Massage for Everyone at MASSAGE ENVY
Feb 2009 Now is the Time to Shop Locally
Dec 2008 Just Because Gift and Card Shoppe
Nov 2008 Sunset Pet Supply
Nov 2008 Villa d'Este
Oct 2008 Italian American Social Club
Sep 2008 Back to Sports
Jul 2008 The Dog Spa

Dec 2013 Progress or Paint-Job at the Boathouse?| Keith Burbank
Jul 2013 From Bad to Worse at Lake Merced
Apr 2013 Mud Pies at Lake Merced | Thomas K. Pendergast
Mar 2013 New Horizons for Lake Merced?
Dec 2012 Will Santa Deliver for Lake Merced?
Nov 2012 And the Beat (and Stalling Game) Goes On
Oct 2012 A Primer On Lake Merced For District 7 Supervisorial Aspirants And Their Constituents
Sep 2012 Rec & Park's $10 Million Lake Merced Mess
Jun 2012 Three Strikes and You Are Out
May 2012 We're Really Not Making This Up
Apr 2012 Lake Merced: Five Years and Counting
Mar 2012 Deafening Silence at Lake Merced
Dec 2011 SF PUC Declines Rec & Park's Lake Merced Deal
Jul 2011 SF PUC Declines Rec & Rowers Get the Short End of the Stick/Staff

Feb 2013 Raindrop Technique
Dec 2012 Healing Oils of the Ancient Scriptures
Nov 2012 What is Cancer?
Oct 2012 Fit, Flexible & Fabulous at Any Age
Sep 2012 Fear and Phobia – Let's Get Over Them!
Jul 2012 Color is Energy/Chromotherapy
Jun 2012 Music's Healing Power
May 2012 Yoga – Try it for Stress and Pain Relief
Apr 2012 Thinking About A Vasectomy?
Mar 2012 Ultrasound Bone Density Testing May Save Your Life
Feb 2012 Help for Seniors to Pay for Long Term Health Care
Dec 2011 Enzymes – The Key To Digestion and Health
Nov 2011 The Real Issue with Vitamin E
Sep 2011 Sun Exposure – Good or Bad?
Jul 2011 Scan Your Brain
Jun 2011 Strokes Happen at Any Age/Know the Identifiers
May 2011 Keeping Your Brain in Top Condition
Apr 2011 Spring Cleaning Inside and Out
Mar 2011 Got Indigestion? Time for a Diet Change
Feb 2011 Harmone Replacement Therapy
Nov 2010 Turkey: The National Bird??
Oct 2010 Canine Massage in San Francisco
Sep 2010 Lip Service From Water Departments
Jul 2010 Burns, Bugs and Basics
Jun 2010 Peaceful Touch Massage Program
May 2010 SFPMG: Specialist in Natural Medicine
Apr 2010 What Is Naturopathic Medicine?
Mar 2010 Osteopathy:The Best Kept Secret
Feb 2010 Healthy Eating, Healthy Heart
Dec 2009 Swine Flu Vaccination Programs '09-10
Nov 2009 Rub a Dub, Dub…Know what's in your Tub?
Oct 2009 Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Sep 2009 Citizens Concerned About Chloramine (CCAC)
Jul 2009 Fresh Clean Water: The Next Generation
Jun 2009 Our Drinking Water—Healthy Or Not?
May 2009 Why Posture Matters/AKA Straighten Up and Fly Right
Apr 2009 Hard Times and Canines
Mar 2009 Massage—Therapeutic or Fluff?
Feb 2009 Matters of the Heart
Dec 2008 Win the Battle of the Holiday Bulge
Nov 2008 Got Stress? And How To Handle It
Oct 2008 Kill Winter Cooties Naturally
Sep 2008 Antioxidents, Free Radicals and Aging
Jul 2008 Why Can't I Lose Weight?
Jun 2008 Do you have a personal water shortage?
Jun 2008 Water or Coke? (PDF)

Jun 2020 Arrests in Ocean Avenue Gang Shootings
Sep 2029 SF Police Officers Make Arrests in Taraval Burglary
Dec 2017 Interview with Captain Yick
Feb 2017 Shot Officer Kevin Down's "Miraculous Recovery"
Apr 2016 Burglaries and Homeless Worry Westside by Thomas Pendergast
Dec 2015 Taraval Station’s New Captain Takes on the Job
Nov 2013 A Chat With New Captain Curtis Lum

May 2008 Contributions and campaign outcomes
Apr 2008 China policy Stirs SF political debate
Mar 2008 Elsbernd Prepares for reelection
Feb 2008 Lennar's Political Campaign For June Land Use Vote
Dec 2007 Lennar Corp Wants Changes at Candlestick
Nov 2007 Parking Measures & Question Time on November Ballot

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Dec 2013 Panel on Privatization Promises to be Rousing
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Mar 2013 Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how we wonder WHERE you are?
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Dec 2012 Money Talks - the 2012 Parks Bond
Oct 2012 Soccer Field Opponents Appeal to the California Coastal Commission
Jun 2012 Time Is Running Out To Protect Golden Gate Park!
Feb 2012 Beach Chalet Plan Deeply Flawed
Apr 2011 Un-Muddy the Waters: The Recycled Water Treatment Plant
Mar 2011 209 More Reasons to Save Golden Gate Park
Dec 2010 Beach Chalet Soccer Fields Cost Lots of Dollars But Don't Make Sense
Mar 2010 Bright Lights, Artificial Turf in Rustic GGPark

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Mar 23 Recology, Reparations & Racism
Feb 23 Recology, Albee, Peskin, Bloated Government
Jan 23 Gender neutral affirmative action, etc.
Dec 22 Central Subway Boondoggle
Nov 22 Cow Palace, Immigration and Gun Control
Oct 22 Ballot Recommendations-Ruminations
Sep 22November Recommendations-Ruminations
Aug 22Tammany Hall, District Elections
Jul 22 Celebrate Independence, Central Subway
Jun 22 Vote, Voters and Voting
Apr 2022 Quentin's Jun 7 Ballot Recommendations
Apr 2022 Garbage, Redistricting & Gas Taxation
Mar 2022 War, Worries & Waste
Feb 2022 Recology's About Face
Jan 2022 Persistent Corruption, Incompetence & Some Good News
Dec 2021 Saved by the Recalls & a Rebate
Nov 2021 A Lawsuit, a Recall and Railway Impasse
Sep 2021 Spending, Taxes, Political Differences and Indifference
Aug 2021 Corruption, Scott Wiener and some good news
Jul 2021 Open the Great Highway
Jun 2021 The Real Politicians of City Hall
May 2021 Failure of Public Education
Mar 25, 2021 Recall, Rescind, & Recapitulation
Mar 15, 2021 Recology's Mea Culpa—Not enough!
Mar 2021 Lessons for the School Board
Jan 2021 Impeachment and all things inconsiderate
Dec 2020 Recology—Meet the Rate-Payers
Dec 2020 Rank choice and other malfeasance
Oct 2020 The Kamala We Know
Sep 2020 Chasing the State Propositions
Aug 2020 Ballot Measure Recommendations
Jul 2020 Defund police and other public debacles
Jul 2020 Stadiums and other Boondoggles
Jun 2020 The Role of Presidents
May 2020 Racial or gender discrimination/preferential treatment
Mar 2020 Government around town
Feb 2020 Upcoming Primary Election
Jul 2013 Getting Around
Jun 2013 The Art of Picking the Public Purse
May 2013 Gascon and other aches and pains
Apr 2013 Sugarcoated Taxes Walesa-Out/Chavez-In
Mar 2013 Mix and Match
Feb 2013 Pork Barrel San Francisco Style
Dec 2012 The Governor's Taxation
Nov 2012 The State of the State's General Fund
Oct 2012 Dejection in District 7 and Proposition perspectives
Sep 2012 Pithy Comments Respecting Problems and Issues
Jun 2012 Election Recommendations and Other Issues
May 2012 Break the Garbage Monopoly and Other Election Reflections
Apr 2012 Malfeasance, Misfeasance or Nonfeasance?
Mar 2012 Vexing, Shamefaced Votes
Feb 2012 Taxation, Handwringing and Caterwauling
Dec 2011 Three Strikes and Holiday Hijinks
Nov 2011 Ballot Box Deliberations
Oct 2011 Ballot Redommendations: November 8th
Sep 2011 Chinatown's Subway and the Garbage Kerfluffle
Jul 2011 Incurring Civil Debt Without Taxpayer Approval
Jun 2011 Nettlesome Gap Between Probable Revenue and Desired Expenditures
May 2011 Garbage and Other Political Shenanigans
Apr 2011 Abject Fecklessness Rules
Mar 2011 So Far, So Good
Feb 2011 Dignity and Decorum
Dec 2010 Math and Aftermath
Oct 2010 The Prop Kopp Takes on the Election
Sep 2010 Degraded, Disrespected and Disregarded
Jul 2010 Supervisors Salaries
Jun 2010 Election Season Observations
May 2010 Jig is up for SF Justice
Apr 2010 Dismantling Voter Mandates
Mar 2010 High-speed Historical Perspective
Dec 2009 Terminal Turmoil-SF Terminal Requires A Full Review
Nov 2009 About the Election
Oct 2009 Beaches, Bridges and Buses
Sep 2009 Been There, Done That
Jun 2009 Where's the Brotherhood?
May 2009 Remembering Gene McAteer
Mar 2009 Looking Back, Looking Ahead
Feb 2009 The Kindness of Strangers
Dec 2008 A Little Perspective
Nov 2008 History Repeats Itself
Jul 2008 Domestic Violence
Jun 2008 Pacific Rod and Gun Club Endangered?
May 2008 California's high-speed rail dilemma
Mar 2008 Life in the Fat Lane (Supervisor's Salaries)

Jun 2015 Public Uneasy at Balboa Reservoir Meeting
Apr 2015 Supervisor Yee's Coyote Hearing
May 2015 Balboa Reservoir Plan Moves to the Next Stage
Feb 2015 Public Land for Housing: Balboa Reservoir? | Maya Lekach
Feb 2014 Rain Please - But Some Other Day?

Mar 2011 Death Blows to the American Dream
Dec 2010 Signs Up - Is the House Really for Sale?
Nov 2010 Sixteen Days To Sale
Oct 2010 Selling Real Estate
Sep 2010 Distressed Sales In San Francisco
Jul 2010 Pricing a Property to Sell Fast and at the Highest Price
Jun 2010 Is the Real Estate Storm Passing?
May 2010 Jumbo Loans for Westside Homes
Apr 2010 Do You Qualify for a Loan?
Mar 2010 Tax Credits, Low Interest

Rates Pay Off
Feb 2010 Westside Special Report/Real Estate Holds Its Value

Jed Lane / Perspectives

Oct 2010 Prop L v. Prop M
Jun 2010 Civil Sidewalks-The Sit/Lie Ordinance
Apr 2010 Tasers: Controversy or Political Fumble?
Apr 2010 Neighborhood School Admissions Policy
Mar 2010 Big Changes In SFPD
Nov 2009 Beyond Discretionary Review
Oct 2009 Big Changes Evident at SFPD
Sep 2009 SPUR Displays More than Change
Jun 2009 Why Plan? What is the Housing Element and Where is it Taking Us?

Aug 2023 ET vs. SF Housing Crisis
Jul 2023 SF;s Corruption Central
Mar 2023 SFPUC's 90% Rate Increase
Feb 2022 New "Housing Element"?
Sep 2022 City's PGE lawsuit, SFPUC fumbles flooding issue
Sep 2022 Rising Water &Sewer Rates Driving People Out
Aug 2022 Digging into the PG&E Buyout
Feb 2022 Rate Payers Get a Time-Out
Nov 2021 Rate Hikes & Murky Politics
Aug 2021 Our City. Our Power.
Jul 2021 Water Users Not Out of the Woods
Jun 2021 Questions Beleaguer SFPUC
May 2021 Is Herrera SFPUC's Panacea?
Apr 2021 The Future & Unlimited Rates
Feb 2021 River Flows, Water Woes (SFPUC)
Dec 2020 Bad News & Worse News (SFPUC)
Dec 2020 Fish Gotta Swim...
Nov 2020 The Irony of Progressivism
Oct 2020 Can Ed Harrington Save the SFPUC?
Aug 2020 Free Government Money.
Aug 2020Our Inefficient Water, Sewer and Power Provider
Jun 15, 2020 Chaos at SFPUC
Jun 2020 Leadership We Need It Now
Feb 2020 “Insurance” for Water and Sewer Lines?
Nov 2019 Who In This Rich City Cares About Price?
Oct 2019 SFPUC: Time for a Change?
Sep 2019 SFPUC: A Primer
Jul 2019 C'est la vie PG&E
Jun 2019 The Golden Fleece
May 2019 SFPUC Fun & Games
Mar 2019 Future for Ratepayers, Homeowners?
Feb 2019 Water, Sewer, Power: the Big Picture
Dec 2018 California's Fish/Water Quandry
Nov 2018 Elected Utility Board
Oct 2018 Water, Cars and the Flush
Sep 2018 Is Our Water Supply Resilient?
Jun 2018 Affordable Housing — It's Not that Easy.
May 2018 CleanPowerSF Comes Calling
Mar 2018 A Walk on South Beach
Feb 2018 Wading in Dangerous Waters?
Dec 2017 But Who's Counting? (Water Rates)
Nov 2017 Is "Managed Retreat" Managable?
Sep 2017 Water Woes: Power Hour
Jul 2017 Digesting the Environmental Report (Sewage Treatment)
Jun 2017 Winning, Losing & In Between
Mar 2017 Is Housing the Next Public Utility?
Feb 2017 Water Here, Water There, Where's the Water?
Dec 2016 SFPUC Watch
Nov 2016 They Play, We Pay
Oct 2016 SFPUC Salaries
Sep 2016 Down the Drain
Jul 2016 Great Sums of Public Money End Up Flushed
Jun 2016 Green Head
May 2016 Seven Maids with Seven Mops?
Mar 2016 Drought Recovery and Flood Prevention
Feb 2016 But Can We Afford Success?
Dec 2015 What's A Couple of Hundred Million Bucks?
Nov 2015 Sewer Spills and the Sand Solution
Oct 2015 Power and Housing
Sep 2015 Revenues UP -- Rates Down!
Jul 2015 Easy Come - And It's Gone (Competitive Bidding)
Jun 2015 Drought 101 for SF
May 2015 Scoring Our Utilities
Mar 2015 Limiting Water and Sewer Rising Rates
Feb 2015 What's up with our water, sewer & power people
Jun 2014 Another Do-good Debacle
May 2014 After the Bells and Whistles — the Bill
Mar 2014 The Half-Billion Dollar Hole
Feb 2014 Water Worries
Dec 2013 SSIP and a Share of the Pie
Nov 2013 Water-Sewer-Power
Oct 13 2013 Water Supply
Sep 2013 Can our City Spend? Yes We Can!
Jul 2013 Another Bite of the Ratepayer Apple
Jun 2013 Irritations, Various But Never Sundry
May 2013 San Francisco's $6.9 Billion SSIP
Apr 2013 Bit By the Development Bug
Mar 2013 Riotous Rates
Feb 2013 Robust Local Buildout
Dec 2012 Guns and Hoses
Nov 2012 Two Steps Back
Oct 2012 Keystone Follies
Sep 2012 Rate Rackets.
Jul 2012 No Pinch in the Public Purse
Jun 2012 The Forever Bridge
May 2012 Purple Planning is a Curse on the Purse
Apr 2012 Beach Master
Mar 2012 Dissembling Government and Society
Feb 2012 Growing Expansively
Dec 2011 Hang Those Ornaments
Nov 2011 Diapers and politicians should be changed often
Oct 2011 Bond Funds Forever — for Whatever
Sep 2011 It's Only (Your Ratepayer) Money
Jul 2011 Time for SF Taxpayer & Ratepayer Org?
Jun 2011 The Breach At Ocean Beach
May 2011 The Stink About Sewage
Apr 2011 Zapping PG&E: Progressives Plant Public Power
Mar 2011 Recycled Water No Walk in the Park
Feb 2011 Watchdogs, Lapdogs and Rubes
Dec 2010 Pensions Unpayable
Nov 2010 Water and Sewer Bills Set to Escalate
Oct 2010 What Does the City Spend?
Sep 2010 Water Bills and the WISP
Jul 2010 Whats Happening with Community Choice Aggregartion? | Steve Lawrence
Jun 2010 Pro & Con: Community Choice Aggregation | Steve Lawrence / Michael Campbell
Feb 2010 Will the City Have Enough Water?

Sep 2019 SF's Electronic Monitored Bail
Dec 2012 Supes: Please Audit Rec & Park
Nov 2012 Running Wild: A long,hard look at RPD finances
Oct 2012 Phil Ginsburg: General Manager or Special Events Promoter?
Jul 2012 Financial Flim-flam at Fisher Fields
May 2012 GG Park Garage Won't Pay It's Bills
Feb 2012 Hardly Strictly By the Numbers
Sep 2011 Priority One: Public/Private Parks
Jul 2011 Privatizing Our Parks: Hidden from View
Jun 2011 Always Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth

Apr 24 Traffic at West Portal Station
Mar 23 Participatory Budgeting / Myrna Melgar
Nov 22 Vote for Props L and G / Myrna Melgar
Feb 2021 Since We're Neighbors ...
Dec 2020 An Interview with Supervisor Elect Myrna Melgar

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Apr 2010 The Peril To Our Parklands | Gregory P. Miller

Nov 2008 Propositions A & D will cost you, while Prop H wil put money in your pocket
May 2008 Don't get soaked by Prop E
Apr 2008 Parcel Tax rewards downtown, hurts homeowners
Dec 2007 Pork for Parks — The new park bond

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Jun 2016 A Checklist for Retiring Abroad
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May 24 Costs of LHH Recertification
Jan 24 Patrick's Ballot Recommendations
Dec 23 Remembering Nanct Wuerfel
Nov 23 Senior wait list at LHH
Nov 23 Gutting Public Comment
Oct 23 Save 120 SNF Beds
Sep 2023 Compounded Skilled Nursing bed shortage
Aug 2023 Escalating LHH Costs
Aug 2023 LHH's Unnecessary Contractors
Jul 2023 LHH Mismanagement Reaches $64 M
Jun 2023 LHH finally hires an Administrator
Jun 2023 LHH's Own Staff Jeopardizes Certification
May 2023 LHH's Last Gasp Reprieve Unlikely
May 2023 LHH's Revised Closure Plan
Apr 2023 Root Causes Refute DPH Claims
Feb 2023 Did 20 Years of Mismanagement Prompt Intervention at LHH?
Feb 2023 LHH Temporary Reprieve Comes With Dire Warnings
Jan 2023 LHH Residents Face Imminent Discharges
Jan 2023 Immediate Jeopardy violation at LHH
Dec 2022 Costs to rescue LHH climb to 20 million
Nov 2022 Laguna Honda Patient Lawsuit Tossed Out
Oct 2022 Laguna Honda Settlement Unwise
Oct 2022 LHH's Ongoing Problems
Sep 2022 Rising Costs to Rescue LHH
Aug 2022 DPH's Slipshod "EPIC" System
Aug 2022 City's Pathetic Defense of LHH
Jul 2022 Cohorting Patients A Bad Idea at LHH
Jul 2022 Will Laguna Honda Solve Its Problems By Abandoning 120 More Patient Beds?
Mar 2022 Vote for Campos, Not Haney
Feb 2022 Hey DPH—Where Did You Dump Our Seniors?
Jan 2022 David Campos for State Assembly
Dec 2021 Senior Housing on Laguna Honda's Toxic Sites
Dec 2021 Where's the Affordable Housing?
Nov 2021 SF Still Dumping Patients Out-of-County
Aug 2021 Will Newsom Survive Recall?
Jul 2021 Police Commission Staffing Reform
Jun 2021 To Defund, or Not Defund, SFPD?
Apr 2021 One-man Lawsuit Stalls Affordable Housing
Jan 2021 Breed's Recless COVID Reporting
Dec 2020 Invisible Housing on Public Land
Dec 2020 Dear Supervisors (Zuckerberg Hospital)
Nov 2020 Breed's COVID-19 Recovery Sputters
Nov 2020 Breed's Prop A Propaganda
Oct 2020 Laguna Honda Inappropriate for Housing
Sep 2020 Prop. A's — $960 Million Oversite?
Sep 2020 District 7 Candidates' Cavalier Responses
Aug2020 City Managers Reject Breed’s Budget Plea

Jul 2020 COVID-19's Cruel Visit to LHH
Mar 2020 Public Records "Essential" in Pandemics
Feb 2020 Digitize Neighborhood News
Dec 2019 Questions Linger from LHH's Patient Abuse Scandal
Dec 2019 Proposed Laguna Honda Housing Ignores Dire Shortage of Skilled Nursing Beds
Nov 2019 Invisible Successes Navigating the Homeless
Oct 2019 Vote No on E - Rezoning Public Lands!
Sep 2019 Who the Housing Bond Leaves Behind: Vote No on Prop A
Jul 2019 Re-zoning Public Lands
Jun 2019 Wrongful Arrests and Convictions
May 2019 Affordable Housing That Wasn’t
Apr 2019 Embezzlement in the 'Hood
Apr 2019 Regime Churn at SFERS
Mar 2019 Lawsuit Settlement Costs Escalate
Feb 2019 President Yee: Step up to the plate!
Dec 2018 Mayor Needs to Clean House at DHR
Nov 2018 Mayor's Patronage Jobs
Oct 2018 Some Election Recommendations
Sep 2018 Slow-Moving, Stalled, Legislation
July 2018 Laguna Honda Land Grab
June 2018 Ever Changing Housing Bonds
May 2018 June Ballot Recommendations
Apr 2018 Up in Smoke $70 Million
Mar 2018 Financing 250 Laguna Honda
Feb 2018 City Hall's Dirty Little Secret
Dec 2017 St. Lukes Update: Reprieve
Nov 2017 City Sues but Continues Investing in Big Oil
Sep 2017 CPMC's Patient Dump | Dr. Teresa Palmer
Sep 2017 Mayor's Hiring Spree Escalates
July 2017 CGOBOC Fails Monitoring Change Orders
June 2017 Sanctuary City for Developers?
May 2017 Where's Our Torchbearer for the Elderly?
Apr 2017 Protections for Whistleblowers
Mar 2017 Housing Bond Lurches Down a Cliff
Feb 2017 Who's Auditing the Mayor's Hiring Binge?
Dec 2016 What Price for a Seat at the Table?
Nov 2016 Justice Denied: Housing Delays
Oct 2016 November Election Recommendations
Sep 2016 Open Govt: Two Crucial Ballot Measures
Jul 2016 Bullying Costs Soar to $41.6 Million
Jun 2016 November's Affordable Housing Bond Snookered Voters
May 2016 Election Recommendations
Apr 2016 Appalling Shortage of Skilled Nursing Beds
Mar 2016 Mayor Ed's Hiring Binge
Feb 2016 Pedestrian Safety Not “Worthwhile”?
Dec 2015 SFMTA Makes Tech Buses Permanent
Dec 2015 Mayor Withour a Mandate
Nov 2015 Shuttle Squatters Vex Riders
Oct 2015 Vote "NO" on Mayor Lee
Sep 2015 Reject $310M Housing Bond
Jul 2015 Retaliators Keep Their City Jobs
Jun 2015 Secret City Attorney Opinion Overturns Prop Q
May 2015 Housing Withers on the Vine
Apr 2015 Mayor’s Housing Scam, Redux
Mar 2015 Wendy Paskin-Jordan’s Troubling Reappointment
Feb 2015 Gambling With City Employee's Retirement Fund
Dec 2014 Ethically Troubled Ethics Commission
Nov 2014 Billionaires Buying Elections
Oct 2014 The November 4 Municipal Ballot
Jul 2014 Laguna Honda Hospital: "Where Do They Go?"
Jun 2014 Board of Supervisors Continue Sunshine Retaliation
May 2014 City Attorney’s War on Sunshine Escalates
Apr 2014 Affordability Mayor: A Housing Bait-and-Switch?
Mar 2014 Sandbagging, Legal Fairy Dust, and Double-Speak
Dec 2013 Four Major Sunshine Victories
Nov 2013 A Victory for SFGH’s Dialysis Patients
Oct 2013 Department of Public Health’s Dialysis Crisis
Sep 2013 Squished Together: Misery Visits Company
Jul 2013 Of Mold and Men
Jun 2013 Who's Dumping Grandma? The Shame of Laguna Honda
May 2013 High Costs of City Attorney's Advice
Apr 2013 Terminally Wrong: Is Laguna Honda's $750,000 Misstep Business As Usual?
Mar 2013 Voracious Management Salaries Rob the City's Lowest-Paid Workers
Feb 2013 A Sordid Tale of Two Non-Profits
Dec 2012 A Foundation's Dirty Laundry
Nov 2012 "Consensus Mayor's" Sour Grapes
Oct 2012 Swimming in Official Misconduct
Sep 2012 Wiener Out of Control
Jul 2012 Who Killed Sunshine?
Jun 2012 Errors Haunt "God's Hotel"
May 2012 Budget Analyst Short Circuits Supervisor Wiener
Apr 2012 Supervisors Tinker With Open Government
Mar 2012 Westside Observer Reporter Wins SPJ Award for Laguna Honda Series
Mar 2012 Amid Noise Complaints, City Sues Architects
Feb 2012 Black-Tie Gala Event's $260,788 Expenses
Dec 2011 Laguna Honda Charitable Giving Plummets — Again
Nov 2011 Six Deadly Ballot Measures
Oct 2011 Pension Reform Ballot Measures Omit Salary Reform
Sep 2011 Patient Gift Fund Records Referred to D.A. and Feds
Jul 2011 Watchdogs, Whistleblowers, and Grand Juries
Jun 2011 Corruption of SF's Whistleblower Program
May 2011 Commingling of Public and Private Funds
Mar 2011 Snoozing at Laguna Honda's Gift Fund Wheel
Feb 2011 Laguna Honda's Gift Fund Scandal
Dec 2010 Controller Restores $350,000 to Laguna Honda's Patients
Oct 2010 Laguna Honda's Red Flags
Sep 2010 Black Holes At Laguna Honda
Jul 2010 Unanswered Questions Remain for the Patient Gift Fund
Jun 2010 Raiding the Public Trust
May 2010 LHH Lessons Unlearned Impacts All Bond-Financed Projects
Feb 2010 Laguna Honda Delays
Dec 2009 Deja Vu Haunts Laguna Honda
Oct 2009 Laguna Honda's Unkindest Cut
Jul 2009 Laguna Honda: Pot-bellies v. Beds
May 2009 Mortgaging Laguna Honda's Future
Apr 2009 Mourning Laguna Honda's Hospital Changes
Mar 2009 War on Laguna Honda Seniors Heats Up
Jul 2008 Newsom's Laguna Honda Boondoggle
Jun 2008 Prop G's False Promises
Feb 2008 Laguna Honda: Who Gets the Boot?

Aug 2020 Teachers to Vote on COVID 19 Plan / K. Rolph Morales, Ph.D
Jul 2020 Teachers Wait for Instruction / K. Rolph Morales, Ph.D
Apr 2020 Distance Learning at SFUSD / K. Rolph Morales, Ph.D

Apr 2021 Defending the Public Defender
Feb 2021 Sydney Long, Criminal
Jan 2021 The McWhirter Murder
Apr 2015 Manhunt!
Mar 2015 Bloody Monday
Feb 2015 Joe Barbosa, "the Animal" Shot Dead at 25th and Moraga
Dec 2014 The Moskowitz Kidnapping
Nov 2014 The Death of Cornelious Stagg

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Apr 2010 The Little Guy Gets It Again
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Dec 2009 Plain Talk, Straight Talk

Jan 24 New patient Admission at LHH?
May 2023 Can we save Laguna Honda intact?
Dec 2022 Laguna Honda Update
Sep 2022 Step-by-step: Mess at Laguna Honda
Aug 2021 Family and Friends—the Best Medicine
July 2021 Our Failed Healthcare System
Apr 2021 City's Shameful Healthcare Gap
Mar 2021 Now can we fix Nursing Home Visitation?
Feb 2021 Over 65—Get Vacinated Now!
May 2021Get the Vaccine! Checklist
May 2020 Delays in Testing Nursing Facilities
Apr 2020 What is wrong with our priorities?
Feb 2020 Letter to Newsom, Chiu & Wiener
Oct 2019 SF Needs Skilled Nursing Care NOW
Sep 2019 Letter to Pelosi: Fix Long-term Care in SF
Mar 2019 SB1045: Conservatorship
Dec 2018 The Homeless We Never Talk About
Jul 2018 Update on St. Lukes Closure
May 2018 St. Lukes Subacute Care Closures
Dec 2017 No Room at the Inn (St. Lukes)
Sep 2017 CPMC's Patient Dump | Patrick Monette-Shaw

Nov 2021Expedia screwed up—won't refund!
Sep 2021 Unauthorized PayPal donation
Aug 2021 Uber charges $98 instead of $20?

Apr 24 Hydrogen in Our Future
Mar 24 Emergency Drinking Water
Feb 24 Trouble at Parkmerced
Jan 24 New Library for Ingleside
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Oct 23 Cities are getting hotter
Oct 23 Greenbelt Endangered
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Nov 2021 Drought Is Still With Us
Sep 2021 A Closer Look at Wildfire Prevention
Aug 2021 Malfeasance, Misappropriation and Misconduct
Jun 2021 Turning Asphalt into Solar Power
Mar 2021 Congestion Pricing — Hangover Solution?
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Jan 2021 All Electric Building Ordinance
Oct 2020 Treacherous Toxics at Treasure Island
Aug 2020 Bay Area Plan to Mitigate Climate Change
Aug 2020 Balboa: Supervisers Get It All Wrong
Aug 2020 Why Black Lives Matter
Jul 2020 Decline of Urbanization
Feb 2020 The Worst Pandemic Is Yet To Come
Dec 2019 New Oceanview Library Poses Problems
Sep 2019 Can PG&E Do This Properly?
Jun 2019 PG&E's Wildfires
May 2019 Endangered Insects
Apr 2019 Bye Bye Monarch Butterflies
Feb 2019 Floating Hotels and Random Thoughts
Sep 2018 Student Housing, Homelessness and Debts
July 2018 Uber and Lyft Model in Jeopardy?
May 2018 Lake Merced's Mysterious History
Mar 2018 Emergency Fire Preparedness
Nov 2017 The Species Invasion
Oct 2017 Preparing for Water Wars?
Sep 2017 Nitrates and "Blended" Water
Jul 2017 The Source of Our Water
Jun 2017 Taking the M Line Down Under
Feb 2017 Eucalyptus Center of Controversy
Oct 2016 Parkmerced Residents Air Grievances
Jul 2016Techie Take-over Rankles MUNI Riders
Apr 2016 Undergrounding the M Streetcar
Mar 2016 75 Howard - Harbinger of Things to Come?
Jul 2015 MUNI Service Improving? | Glenn Rogers
Jun 2015 Parkmerced Weakens Prop M | Glenn Rogers
Oct 2014 Parkmerced Opponents Lose Their Legal Appeal | George Wooding and Glenn Rogers
Jun 2014 Fate of Parkmerced Awaits Decision | Glenn Rogers
Feb 2014 19th Avenue Traffic Study | Glenn Rogers
May 2013 Projectomania: Build First, Plan Later | Glenn Rogers

Apr 24 Homeless at Ocean Beach
Mar 24 Poisening Our Park
Feb 2024 Pelosi and Israel
Oct 2023 The Atlantic Gets it Wrong Again
Sep 2023 Outside Lands — not a good neighbor
Jul 2023 Rec & Park'sOutside Lands Scheme - Pt. II
Jun 2023 Rec & Park's post-Outside Lands Scheme
Apr 2023 Heather Knight Plugs the Bay lights
Jan 2023 Bay Lights — $11 Million?
Jan 2023 Time to Step Down Dianne
Oct 2022 Part II - Boudin's Recall
Oct 2022 Reassessing Boudin's Recall
Sep 2022 Searching the Night Sky
Sep 2022 Concrete Replaces Grass at GG Park
Aug 2022 The Mystery of the Trees
Apr 2022 SF Needs to Address Light Pollution
Dec 2021 More Fallout from Skystar Deal
Sep 2021 Is the City Really Committed to Trees?
July 2021 Illuminati Burns On
June 2021 A Walk in the Park / David Romano
May 2021 Light Pollution in GG Park
Mar 2021 GGP's Toxic Dog Playground / David Romano
Oct 2020 More Pavement—Less Park / David Romano
Jul 2020 Toxic Tire Crumbs Seep into SF Groundwater / by David Romano

Feb 2023 Weed thats Endangering SF Bay Area
Nov 2016 Reversing Mt. Davidson's Long Decline
Apr 2016 Oxalis Uber Alles
Dec 2015 Mount Davidson and the Natural Areas Management Plan – what happens next?
Nov 2015 Evolving Eucalyptus Wrangle Escalates | Jake Sigg
Sep 2015 Too Late for the Eucalyptus? | Jake Sigg

Nov 2019Senior Smarts: Advance Planning
May 2019Robin Hood Syndrome
Sep 2018 Respect for the Aged
Jul 2018 Medicare: The Cost of Aging
Jun 2018 Last Will and Testament
May 2018 Patient Self Determination Act
Mar 2018 Personal: In Memorium
Dec 2017 Coping with Holidays During Bereavement
Sep 2017 Dental Health: Surviving Oral Surgery
Jul 2017 Who Cares for the Caregiver?
Apr 2017 April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day
Mar 2017 When Your Decision Counts
Dec 2016 Getting Ready for Winter (2)
Oct 2016 Getting Ready for Winter
Sep 2016Weather Forecast Preparedness: Hot
Jul 2016 Weather Forecast Preparedness: Tornado, Flood, Hurricane and Wind
Jun 2016 Weather Forecast Preparedness: Rain, Lightning and Thunderstorm
May 2016 Senior Housing: Choosing Where You Live to Have a Dynamic Life
Apr 2016 April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day!
Mar 2016 When Your Decisions Matter!
Feb 2016 Glaucoma - Operative Treatments
Dec 2015 Glaucoma - Nonoperative Treatment
Nov 2015 Detecting Glaucoma
Sep 2015 Aging: Glaucoma and its Affect on the Eyes
Jul 2015 Aging: Macular Degeneration and its Affect on the Eyes
Jun 2015Aging: Its Gerontology, Psychogerontology and Socioeconomic Implications
Jun 2015Aging: Its Gerontology, Psychogerontology and Socioeconomic Implications
Apr 2015Let's Talk Boomer Legal and Advanced Care Planning, Pt. 2
Mar 2015Let's Talk Boomer Legal and Advanced Care Planning
Feb 2015Learning From Grief | Anise J. Matteson
Dec 2014Coping with the Holidays During Bereavement | Anise J. Matteson
Nov 2014Alzheimer's Awarness | Anise J. Matteson
Oct 2014Stroke Survival: Assistive Technology Products | Anise J. Matteson
Sep 2014Adaptive Clothing for Stroke Survivors | Anise J. Matteson
Jul 2014 Stroke Survival: Stroke Aftercare | Anise J. Matteson
Jun 2014 Stroke Survival: Understanding Stroke | Anise J. Matteson
Apr 2014 Defining the Parish Nurse | Anise J. Matteson
Mar 2014 Senior Smarts: Preparing for the Unexpected – Part I | Anise J. Matteson
Dec 2013 Celebrating the Holidays | Anise J. Matteson
Nov 2013 Honor Our Vets | Anise J. Matteson
Oct 2013 Homebound Survival | Anise J. Matteson
Jul 2013 Celebrating Independence | Anise J. Matteson
Jun 2013 Celebrating Father's Day | Anise J. Matteson
May 2013 Celebrating Mothers Day | Anise J. Matteson

Oct 2019 Neighborhoods and More Housing
Sep 2019 In Praise of Neighborhood Characteristics
Jun 2017 On Transportation in 2067
Oct 2015 Our Intractable Housing Crisis
Sep 2014 Why November's Prop L Is Not Realistic
Apr 2014 How Google Might Transform San Francisco
Mar 2014 Infrastructure: Taking on the Big Picture
Apr 2012 Central Subway Reconsidered
Dec 2011 Finally, the Bus Rapid Transit Study
Nov 2011 Does MUNI Subsidize Drivers?
Jul 2011 MUNI Deserves Credit for its Vision of the Future | Howard Strassner
Apr 2011 MUNI: Reducing Costs Can Increase Service | Howard Strassner
Mar 2011 Parking in the Park | Howard Strassner

Sep 2017 Alioto's Smoking Law 25 Years Later
Jul 2017 Business on West Portal Calm — For Now | Tony Taylor
Jun 2017 Goats on West Portal | Tony Taylor
Mar 2017 Bock Jewelers Calls It Quits | Tony Taylor
Feb 2017 City Moves to Ban Styrofoam | Tony Taylor
Dec 2016 Lake Merced Plans
Oct 2016 Supervisor Candidate Debate Highlights Differences
Jul 2016 Rebirth of Manor Coffee Shop Defies Recent Trends | Tony Taylor

Feb 2010 In Memorium: Laguna Honda's Torchbearer, Sister Miriam Walsh | Patrick Monette-Shaw
Nov 2008 Sister Miriam Retires from Laguna Honda
Jun 2008 Dying Patients Lose Spiritual Care at Laguna Honda
May 2008 Farewell to Laguna Honda's Clarendon Hall

Mar 24 Pipeline
Discontinued: Monthly Columns Everything About San Francisco's Lively Theater Scene

Mar 24 Navy Report Confirms Danger
Dec 23 John Miranda/UCSF's proposed settlement
Sep 23 Bad News: Health Department's Article 31 Approval
Jun 23 Shipyard continues to poison SF
Feb 23 Newsom's Albatross
Jan 23 Mayor's Underwhelming to New Year's storm
Nov 2022 COP27 Healing Starts in the Hunters Point
Apr 2022 W Virginia v EPA: SCOTUS Overreach
Apr 2022 San Francisco's Cancer Necklace
Feb 2022 Cancer Alley … At Hunters Point Shipyard
Jan 2022 The Neverending Endemic Pandemic
Nov 2021 EPA Reveals "Sacrafice Zone" Cancer Clusters
Oct 2021 Navy Uncovered Strontium — 90—Not OK!
Oct 2021 Untangling SF's Cancer Conundrum
Aug 2021 Herrera's Mayor's Office “Investigation” a cover up?
Jul 2021 Swings Not Guns at Lake Merced
Jun 2021 Who's Afraid of Critical Race Theory?
May 2021 To Mask or Not to Mask
Apr 2021 Environmental Justice for Lake Merced
Mar 2021 Is BIG Doorbell Watching Us?
Jan 2021 Shipyard Toxins Are Killing Us | Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai
Apr 2008 Dangerous 19th Ave. at Sloat demands an EIR | Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai
Mar 2008 Arden Wood Project Moves Forward
Mar 2008 SF General Hospital: Rebuild vs. Retrofit | Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai


Apr 24 Overdoses Baffle City Hall
Feb 24 Legal trouble at Laguna Honda
Nov 23 Future of sf Journalism
Sep 2023 Residents Crowd Town Halls
Jul 2023 Grand Jury Tackles Homelessness
May 2023 Families sue Laguna Honda
Melgar's Crime Town Hall
May 2023 Stop Crime SF files for campaign status
May 2023 Public Guardian Sues LHH for Abuse
Apr 2023 Does SF Enable Drug Use?
Apr 2023 Tranq - the next drug scourge
Feb 2023 LHH Debacle - Root Cause Report
Feb 2023 "Moderate Group opposes District Elections"
Jan 2023 Twelve transfer deaths at Laguna Honda
Dec 2022 San Fransicko blames progressives
Nov 2022 City Attorney Settlement Fumbles 120 Needed Beds
Sep 2022 Showdown: Herrera v Sunshine Task Force
Sep 2022 SFPUC's Disappearing Inventory
Aug 2022 Denial, Complicity & Resistance at LHH
Jul 2022 City's Tepid Response to Patient Transfers
Jul 2022 Karma or Persecution at Laguna Honda?
Jun 2022 Gray Panthers Pounce on Laguna Honda
Jun 2022 Laguna Honda's Recertification Plan
May 2022 Graft, Deception, Double-Dealing, Fraud
May 2022 Turmoil and Crackdown at Laguna Honda
Apr 2022 Laguna Honda: Overdoses
Mar 2022 Too Much Crime — Not Enough Cops?
Feb 2022 Union Lawsuit Reveals "City Family" Backroom Maneuvers
Jan 2022 SFPUC: Audit Reveals Compromised Bid Process
Nov 2021 SFPUC: Lavish Dining on the Public Dime
Nov 2021 Today's Meth Fuels Homelessness
Oct 2021 Can Ethics Commission Fix the City’s Pay-to-Play?
Sep 2021 Retirement System Funds Newspaper Looters
Aug 2021 SFMTA: Silence and Racial Disparities
Jul 2021 The Fix is In: Hererra's PUC
Jul 2021 Perks, Privileges and Mistrust in the “City Family”
Jun 2021 Crime, Use of Force and Defunding
May 2021 Black Employees Slam White Privileged Telecommuting
May 2021 Westside's Burglary Surge
Apr 21, 2021 SFPUC's Community Benefits Secrets
Apr 8, 2021 Controller’s Office tainted by conflict of interest?
Mar 25, 2021 Peacekeeping Without Policemen
Mar 2021 Could Legalization Help Our Overdose Epidemic?
Feb 2021Racial Discrimination Lawsuits
Jan 2021 Vanished! SFPUC Audits
Dec 2020 City Controller's Secrecy Shields Corruption
Dec 2020 Supes Attempt Blacklist of Neighborhood Newspaper
Nov 2020 Persistant Sleaze in City Contracting
Oct 2020 Déjà vu: Controlling Pay-to-Play Donations
Oct 2020City Hall's Web of Corruption
Sep 2020 Ethics Audit Leaves Questions Unanswered
Aug 2020 A Subpoena for SFPUC Skullduggery
Aug 2020 City Attorney's Blows $12.2 M In Retaliation Fiasco
Jul 2020 Turmoil at Taraval Station
Jun 15, 2020 Deadly Undercurrents at Ocean Beach
Jun 2020 Enigma of COVID-19 Immunity
May 2020 Mystique of COVID-19 Transmission
Apr 2020 Corona Virus Scams
Mar 2020 Fentanyl & Meth Overdoses
Feb 2020 $5 Million Whistleblower Judgment
Feb 2020 Auto Burglars Migrate to LA
Dec 2019 Precarious Partners: FBI and SFPD
Nov 2019 Shake-up at Laguna Honda
Oct 2019 Attempted Assassination of Westside's Journalist Brandon Lee
Sep 2019 Westside's Byron Carmody Speaks Out
Sep 2019 Silent Scandal at Laguna Honda
Jul 2019 Abuse at Laguna Honda
Jul 2019 Sunset Uprising: Westside Property Crimes
Jun 2019 Sunlight on Dark Money
May 2019 Unions Wield Disobedience
Apr 2019 Transit-Only Lanes
Apr 2019 Jeff Adachi's Last Case
Mar 2019 Stolen Valor, Rape Charges Jolt Human Services Agency
Mar 2019 Lapses in Rape Reporting
Feb 2019 The Way We Were
Feb 2019 SF Moving to a Public Bank
Dec 2018 Laguna Honda Grapples with Fleeing Patients
Oct 2018 Mayor London Breed's Aversion to Sunshine Clouds Prop B
Sep 2018 Prop B Threatens Sunshine
Jul 2018 Car Break-ins subsiding?
Jul 2018 No Takers So-far: LHH's Aid-In-Dying
Jun 2018 Taraval Merchants See Red Over Parking Ban
May 2018 SB 827 Protesters Vie With Counterprotesters
Apr 2018 Who owns voting?
Mar 2018 Parkmerced: Class Action Lawsuit
Feb 2018 The Green Cannabis Rush: Health Impacts
Nov 2017 Judicious SFPD Covertly Procuring Military Gear
Oct 2017 Outraged YIMBYs Sideswipe Ethics Commission
Sep 2017 Safe Injection Sites
Jul 2017 FBI Probe Plunged DPH into Turmoil, Intrigue
Jun 2017 Laguna Honda to Assist in Dying
May 2017 A Public Bank for San Francisco
Apr 2017 Sewergate: Costly Conspiracies of Expediency
Mar 2017 FBI Probe of DPH Bribery Scheme
Feb 2017 Will Honesty and Truth Save Laguna Honda?
Dec 2016 Cronyism and Conflicts of Interest
Nov 2016 Battling the Auto Break-in Crime Wave
Oct 2016 Supervisor Mark Farrell v. CCSF
Sep 2016 Sewergate: Gushing Costs and Profits in City's War on Whistleblowers
Jul 2016 Going Negative: Farrell v. Ethics
Jun 2016 Loss of Trust: The Human Services Agency
Apr 2016 Discretionary Hiring Fuels Mistrust
Apr 2016 Body Worn Cameras: Who's Watching Whom?
Mar 2016 Watching SFPD's Body Worn Cameras
Feb 2016 Diversity Brings Controversy
Nov 2015 Laguna Honda’s Acute Care Slump
Oct 2015 London Breed's Anti-Sunshine Litmus Test
Sep 2015 Exodus From Laguna Honda Hospital
Sep 2015 Ethics Commission Still Napping
Jul 2015 Laguna Honda’s Patient Gift Fund
Jun 2015 When Sunshine Casts a Shadow
May 2015 Laguna Honda’s Falling Star
Apr 2015 Requiem for an Old Friend
Feb 2015 City Attorney's Whistleblower Battle Lands in Court
Dec 2014 Ousting Laguna Honda's C.O.O.
Nov 2014 City Attorney’s Sewer Stand-Off Needs Sunshine
Oct 2014 Sweetheart Deals Revealed in Construction of Laguna Honda Rebuild
Sep 2014 Clogged Sewers Erupt In Whistleblower Retaliation Claim at City Attorney's Office
Jul 2014 Perp Walk at Laguna Honda
Jun 2014 “Integrating” Obamacare at the DPH
May 2014 Obamacare Meets the DPH
Apr 2014 The Controller's Whistleblower Program
Mar 2014 Good-Bye Old Friends Laguna Honda's Changing Census
Dec 2013 Blowing Off Whistleblowers: The Ethics Commission
Nov 2013 Deterring Whistleblowers
Oct 2013 Ethics Commission to Whistleblowers: "D.O.A. pt. 2"
Sep 2013 Ethics Commission to Whistleblowers: "D.O.A."
Jul 2013 The First American Whistleblowers
Jun 2013 Dead-end for Whistleblowers
May 2013 Oversignt Disregarded
Apr 2013 Oversignt in Bondage
Mar 2013 Exhuming Whistleblower Complaints
Feb 2013 Rewards for Whistleblowers?
Dec 2012 High-jacking the Whistleblower Program
Oct 2012 Veiled in Secrecy – The Whistleblower Program
Sep 2012 Retribution
Jul 2012 Secret Investigations
Jun 2012 Can We Trust the Controller's Whistleblower Program?
May 2012 Watchdogs Beware
Dec 2010 Laguna Honda Doctor Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

Monthly Meetings Where neighborhood issues are addressed.
Oct 2011 2011 WOTPCC Mayoral Debate Sponsored by Westside Observer

Oct 2017 VeganBurg a Surprising Success
Nov 2015 Playhaven
Jul 2015 Toast
Jun 2015 Swingout or Breakaway—the Lindy is Back!| Henry Wong

Sep 2023 Remembering Nancy Wuerfel
Sep 2022 No on L!
Mar 2020 Nuru, Breed & Willie Brown
Feb 2020 City Hall Getting Nervous
Dec 2019 Salarygate at City College
Nov 2019 5G: Is Faster Always Better?
Oct 2019 Save Youth Guidance Center
Sep 2019 Youth Guidence Ctr
Jul 2019 Wiener's War on Neighborhoods
Jun 2019 Wiener Doesn't Represent Us
May 2019 Save the Youth Guidance Center
Apr 2019 Outside Lands Neighbors Not Happy
Mar 2019 Welcome to Weinerville
Feb 2019 Congratulations Supervisor Norman Yee
Dec 2018 Participatory Budget: Spend Your Taxes)
Nov 2018 Pizzas for Pot (holes)
Oct 2018 Vote YES on Prop 10
Sep 2018 Death in Twin Peaks Tunnel
Jul 2018 Willie Brown Re-elected!
Jun 2018 CEQA: Death by a Thousand Cuts
May 2018 Unwanted Dead or Alive (SB 827)
Apr 2018 Defeat—Don't Amend SF 827
Mar 2018 YIMBYs Attack!
Feb 2018 250 Laguna Honda Makes No Sense
Dec 2017 SF Lights Up
Nov 2017 War on Residential Housing
Oct 2017 Gus Vardakastansis, Gone Too Soon
Sep 2017 Smash & Grab Break-ins
Jul 2017 Park Department Math: 9 – 1 = 7 Drones
Jun 2017 Housing "Supply and Demand" Isn't Working
May 2017 Tang's Radical Housing Proposal
Apr 2017 Carcinogenic “Blended Water” From Your Tap?
Mar 2017 Participatory Budgeting comes to District 7
Feb 2017 Can you afford to live in San Francisco?
Dec 2016 D7 Wins the Clean and Tidy War
Nov 2016 Midtown Terrace Rezoned to RH-1(D)
Oct 2016 Chopping Down George Washington
Sep 2016 Choose Your Candidate
Jul 2016 Where Does All the Money Go?
Jun 2016 Free City College
May 2016 Proposition B: A Bad Set-Aside
Mar 2016 Do Sex and Math Add Up?
Feb 2016 Kill the Affordable Housing Bonus Plan
Dec 2015 Mayor Ed Lee: Kicks the Can Down the Road
Nov 2015 Coyotes or Pets?
Oct 2015 Density Crowds the City
Jul 2015 Supervisor Norman Yee Surprises Supporters on Police Staffing
May 2015 Ready for West Portal’s Traffic Armegeddon?
Apr 2015 Last Twin Peaks Gas Station Endangered
Mar 2015 Mayor Lee Played for a Fool | Nancy Wuerfel &George Wooding
Feb 2015 Where Can Homeless Shelters be Blaced in San Francisco?
Nov 2014 End of the Road for Residential Neighborhoods
Oct 2014 Parkmerced Opponents Lose Their Legal Appeal | George Wooding and Glenn Rogers
Jul 2014 Sup. Chiu: Rezone Residential Housing
Dec 2013 Here Come Da In-laws
Nov 2013 Long Lost Manzanita Brings Newfound Problems
Sep 2013 Are 140-Foot-High Condos in West Portal Next?
Jul 2013Homeowners: City Hall's ATM
Jun 2013 The Ethics Commission: Failing the Public Again
May 2013 Greater West Portal Area Traffic Deaths
Apr 2013 Cash Erodes CEQA's Auto Congestion Standards
Feb 2013 Wiener Attempts to Gut CEQA Appeals
Dec 2012 Time To Say Goodbye to Elsbernd
Nov 2012 Jettison the Ethics Commission
Oct 2012 Vote No on Prop B: Neighborhood Parks Bond
Oct 2012 A Heads-up on Local Ballot Measures
Sep 2012 Time to Elect a New D7 Supervisor
Jun 2012 Jettison the Ethics Commission
May 2012 Whammo! Car Drivers Hit Again at the Meter
Apr 2012 Neighbors' Pressure Prevails
Mar 2012 Failed America's Cup Deal Sinks the Taxpayers
Feb 2012 Redistricting Reprieve for District 7 Neighborhoods
Dec 2011 RPD's Ginsburg and Ballard's Official Misconduct
Nov 2011 Neighborhood Slate Card
Oct 2011 Ranked Choice Voting: Turning Losers Into Winners
Oct 2011 RCV: We Asked Some of the Candidates What They Think
Sep 2011 Road Repair Bond: NO, NO, NO
Jul 2011 City Hall's Debt Marginalizes the Voters
Jun 2011 The Political Game of Hiding the Long-Term Debt
May 2011 The Wild, Wild West of Density Development
Apr 2011 RPD Not Convincing (Pro & Con: Park Privatization)
Apr 2011 City Hall Escalates War on Residential Neighborhoods
Mar 2011 Vocal Opposition Surfaces as New CVS Pharmacy Plans Liquor Sales
Feb 2011 Vote "NO" on Rec &Park's Upcomming Parcel Tax
Dec 2010 Neighbors Outraged: Privatizing Our Parks by Lease
Nov 2010 The Theft of Golden Gate Park
Oct 2010 Laundry List of Dirty and Dumb Election Politics
Sep 2010 Is Jeff Adachi Now Public Enemy #1?
Jul 2010 A Park Commission Gone Wild
Jun 2010 Vote No on A June 8
May 2010 Deja Vu: Tackling the Breach at Ocean Beach
Apr 2010 MUNI: Operators Salaries v. Riders
Mar 2010 Will Kids Go To School In Their Own Neighborhoods?
Feb 2010 Paving Over Golden GAte Park
Feb 2010 Questions Laguna Honda Needs To Answer
Dec 2009 Traffic Nightmare Ahead: St. Francis Circle $18 Million Project
Nov 2009 San Francisco Cars Pay for Mass Transit
Oct 2009 Raiding the Parking Meters
Sep 2009 Decaying Streets of San Francisco
Jul 2009 Save Our Firehouses
Jun 2009 Death, Taxes and Your Morning Shower
May 2009 Westside Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Solution in Search of a Problem
Apr 2009 Taxation Without Representation
Mar 2009 Tax Increase? NO!
Feb 2009 Here Come Da Taxes!
Oct 2008 A Bond Dressed in Emporer's Clothes
Sep 2008 Boondoggle II: General Hospital Bond
Jul 2008 Audit the Department of Public Health
Jun 2008 General Hospital Rebuild Questions Remain
May 2008 Dangerous Precedent Involving Laguna Honda Hospital

Aug 2022 City Values Money Over Residents / Frank Blackburn
Nov 2021 SFPUC-Corruption to Conflagration / Thomas Doudiet
Aug 2021 SFPUC's Stern Grove Flood: The Untold Story
Aug 2021 Fighting Fires With Our Drinking Water?
Aug 2021 Leaving the Westside Without Water Post-Earthquake
June 2021 The Truth about SF's Water
Dec 2019 Supes: Westside Fire Readyness "A State of Emergency"
Oct 2019 A Call to Action is Required
Apr 2019 City Still Not Prepared for the Big One!
Nov 2018 What if Things Went Bad after an Earthquake?
Jul 2018 Could Westside Burn After the Earthquake?
Dec 2017 Will Reservoirs Provide Enough Water Post Earthquake?
Dec 2016 Time to End Our Parks’ Forests?
Feb 2016 Will the Natural Areas Program Affect the Future of Our Parks?
Oct 2015 Natural Areas Plan: Eucalyptus Advocates Fight Back
Mar 2015 Mayor Lee Played for a Fool | Nancy Wuerfel &George Wooding
Jul 2014 The Mayor's Spending Plan
Nov 2011 Traffic On 19th Avenue To Take A Turn For The Worse
Feb 2011 Found! Alternative Sites | Nancy Wuerful

Laguna Honda Costs graphic

So What’s the Damage?

Counting the Costs of the Laguna Honda Debacle

by Patrick Monette-Shaw

Sadly, LHH has not been recertified, patient admissions have not restarted. So patients needing skilled nursing care are displaced out-of-county.

Check it out

West Portal graphic

Addressing the West Portal Tragedy

Planning for a Safe Intersection

by Supervisor Myrna Melgar

The winning projects will be most closely align to the criteria and can be successfully completed with the funding allocated as a one-time grant.

Read More ...

City College plan

City’s Clear Cut

More SF Trees Get the Ax

by SF Forest Alliance

According to the SF RPD’s plan at least 809 trees were planned to be cut down in McLaren Park

Check it out

Removing density controls in western and central SF?


Mayor’s Upzoning Plan Endangers Our Neighborhoods

by Dennis Antenore

Demolitions, speculations, and displacement are in store if the city moves forward with Breed’s approach.

Check it out

Homeless seek respite at Ocean Beach

homeless at Ocean Beach

Life at the end of the safety net

by David Romano

If you do get into a shelter — they’ll take away your belongings, you can’t have a pet, you can’t have visitors and after a few days or a week, you’ll likely be turned out on the street again with nothing.

Check it out

Pill popping

Overdose Deaths Bewilder DPH

Battling lethal drug combinations

by Dr. Derek Kerr

The devastating effect of drug addiction is evident from the human wreckage ...Yes, it’s a nationwide plague. But SF overdose rates are twice the national average.

Check it out