Kirkham Project: Replace 86 units with up to 460 units Kirkham Project elavation

Located near the intersection of 5th Ave. and Kirkham St. in the Inner Sunset District, the Kirkham Heights Apartment complex was built in 1950 and was designed around the car as the primary mode of transport.

Westlake Urban is proposing to redevelop the 86-unit property, creating up to 460 new residential units. The project will be built within the currently developed area of the 6.35 acre site, preserving two acres of the property’s existing forest. The proposed site plan complies with the existing zoning’s density and 40-foot height limit.

The redevelopment plan includes 86 rent controlled units, and the project’s plan includes the opportunity for all existing tenants to return to new rent controlled units. Throughout the redevelopment process, Westlake Urban intends to comply with all requirements of the San Francisco Rent Control ordinance and other applicable San Francisco laws and agreements.

In compliance with the City of San Francisco’s Inclusionary Housing Program, as proposed 12% percent of the newly created housing units (not including the rent controlled units) will be rented at below market rate. Together with the 86 rent controlled units, approximately 30% of the homes in this project will be either rent controlled apartments or below market rate units.

The project is at the beginning of a multi-year entitlement process. There is no immediate activity contemplated on this property for several years. Residents are not being asked to make plans or commitments of any kind at this time. While the planning process is proceeding,

While it is too early in the process to provide exact details, Westlake’s goal is to minimize the need for residents to relocate during construction to the extent reasonably possible. More info