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  • A Message from Mitch Bull

    A Crisis of Leadership

    “All of our elected officials are sworn to protect the laws of the United States and California. The actions of the SFPD were clearly against the law, and the actions of our elected officials condoning these illegal actions is shameful.”

    By Mitch Bull, Publisher More ...

  • Chief Scott Masks Promotional Quota System

    “Chief Scott promoted 100% of the female candidates. In the first round of sergeants’ promotions, Chief Scott found fault with 70% of the white male candidates, promoting women and officers of color with lower test scores, instead.”

    By Lou Barberini Read More ...

  • Don Quixote's Banjo Playing Cat

    Westside: Scott Weiner Does Not Represent Us

    “Wiener has become a lobbyist for developers and high-technology companies at the expense of the residential homeowners in Senate District 11 and throughout the state.”

    By George Wooding More ...

  • Tony Hall and the Youth Guidance Center

    It's your City

    Youth Guidance Center Must Stay.

    “Under the guise that the YGC costs too much to operate, our Mayor and Supervisors will divert the YGC budget to yet another homeless program.”

    by Tony Hall Read More ...

  • Sunlight on Dark Money

    “Then-Chair Keane warned against “putting our faith in a legislative body…that is hyper-political, jockeying for Mayor, jockeying for power, one group trying to screw the other.” Keane emphasized that he saw no need for an Ethics Commission that didn’t act independently ... Keane announced “I resign” and walked out.”

    By Dr. Derek Kerr Read More

  • New Homeless Population Report Shocks

    Is San Francisco Dying? (Part II)

    “We cannot just ignore or arrest our way out of this. People are dying and there is something we can do to stop this. It is inhumane to continue allowing this on our City streets.”

    By John Farrell Read More ...

  • SFPUC Watch...

    The Golden Fleece

    “Who controls rate rises? Nobody. There’s no citizens’ organization. Theoretically the SFPUC Commission keeps reigns on costs; but come on: If a pol plays along all is swell. Rock the boat? You don’t make friends.”

    By Steve Lawrence Read More ...

  • >

    PG&E's Wildfires

    “… fire can move as fast as one football field a second. With fire damage occurring this fast, it is said the PG&E could be responsible for as much as $80 billion in liability.”

    by Glenn Rogers Read More ...

  • Quentin Kopp

    “…in his 2016 campaign for the State Senate, Wiener accumulated $574,276 from almost 700 donations from developers, real estate attorneys, brokers, architects, lobbyists, and other real estate insiders.”

    Quentin Kopp Read More ...

  • Clothes make the world go round.

    “We think of ocean pollution as fishing line or plastic bottles, but synthetics in clothes break down eventually. And they never, ever go away.”

    By Katherine Howard

    Read More

  • Failure to Reconsider

    The Cost of Wrongful Arrests and Convictions

    “…taxpayers will end up forking over well upwards of $53 million because police officers hadn’t gotten it right. A cast of prosecutors, judges, defense lawyers, district attorneys, and jurors also didn’t get it right … the failure to reconsider shattered these innocent men’s lives.”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

    Read More

  • Around the Town

    APRIL 2018

    “A lot is going on in June — Stern Grove Festival, Gay Pride, SF Jazz Festival, Fathers Day & Japan Day — (see the Calender). But take some time to consider these unique SF events...”

    By Mitch Bull

    Read More ...

  • Brandon Miller

    Don't Let Money Come Between You

    “...view yourselves as a threesome—a “you,” a “me” and an “us.” Acknowledging that you’re an individual and part of a unit at the same time can help you manage your money to the benefit of everyone.”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More ...

  • West of Twin Peaks
    Central Council


    “… red-top high pressure hydrants … were chiefly installed in populated areas of the City at that time. As the population has shifted west and south, there are few in the Richmond, Sunset, and Bayview, which have hundreds of blocks of wood-frame houses.”

    See a video of his presentation.

    By Doug Comstock

    Read More ...

  • Taraval Community Meeting • Tues., June 18th • 6-7 pm at Taraval Station

    Captain's Report

    “… crooks often gain access to homes through garages by breaking into cars when they see a garage door opener...The garage door opener is kept in plain view usually clipped to the visor. This is easy pickings for opportunistic scoundrels.”

    Read More ...

  • Farewell
    May Pon

    “Because of that tremendous effort,” Barry said, “the City turned to the local trash companies, then called Sunset Scavenger or Golden Gate Disposal, to reform, and over time evolve into what is now called Recology.”

    By Jonathan Farrell  Read More

  • Remember When?

    Ocean Avenue 100 years ago

    Ocean Avenue Between Faxon Avenue and Jules Avenue Looking West | June 7, 1919 |.

    Read More ...

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