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  • Water breaks over the Embarcadero's handrails

    City has "No Plan" for Climate Change

    “Flood damage from rising sea levels can be especially severe when combined with storm surges and high tides,” the report says. “It took the Loma Prieta Earthquake to awaken San Francisco to the necessity of intensified seismic retrofitting. Let’s not wait for a major flooding disaster… ”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • parking ticket

    Speaking Freely

    SF's War on Motorists

    “… 79% of San Francisco households who own or lease a motor vehicle have been the target of bad transportation policy for the past 15 years, as determined by the radicals who have taken over the SFMTA Board and espouse a “car-less” San Francisco…“

    By Tony Hall


  • The Big Squeeze: Dys-Integration of “Old Friends”

    Laguna Honda Hospital: “Where Do They Go?”

    “In 1999, when voters approved the bonds to rebuild LHH for our “Old Friends,” …those over the age of 75 was 52%. Not any more, due to a variety of changes at LHH.”.…

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • When Will San Francisco Take the Assessor Seriously?

    “… the Assessor position … has been considered a place where someone would be politically rewarded and retire at a high pension. … it is now looked at as a stepping stone for higher office. I hope the current Assessor will take this opportunity to provide a professional environment, and not just use the position like her predecessors …”

    By John Farrell


  • ballon Sculptor at the Taste of West Portal

    A Taste of What's Possible

    “Last month’s first-ever event “ A Taste of West Portal” drew residents and visitors to West Portal Avenue for food and entertainment, and to the West Portal Playground for canine contests.”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • the Mayors Money

    Nancy's Naughty Numbers

    The Mayor's Spending Plan

    “It’s budget season down at City Hall, so most citizens could use some help understanding the ways the Mayor proposes to spend our $8,567,000,000 budget.”

    By Nancy Wuerfel More...

  • proposed soccer field at Beach Chalet

    Beach Chalet

    Billionaire’s Ballot Initiative Takeover Scam

    “A few months ago, a coalition of grassroots park activists filed to put an initiative on the November ballot. Its goal is to give the public the opportunity to vote a simple “yes” or “no” on putting artificial turf and stadium lights in the western section of Golden Gate Park.”

    By Kathy Howard More...

  • California Court of Appeals


    Fate of Parkmerced Awaits Court Of Appeals Decision

    “If City Attorney Brian Crossman’s assertion is true that Proposition M has no ability to influence building policy today, then what about Proposition B, passed by voters in the last election, which concerns building height along the waterfront?…””

    By Glenn Rogers and Aaron Goodman More...

  • Aerial view of sf Neighborhoods

    Supervisor Chiu: Rezone Residential Housing to Commercial Housing

    “Property owners and tenants alike have to understand how Supervisor David Chiu’s weak Airbnb legislation will reduce housing, hurt San Francisco’s hotel industry, displace hotel worker jobs, and impact neighborhoods in the long-term.”.”

    By George Wooding More...

  • A bane of civic engagement and democracy

    “Did you read anything about this case in the Chronicle, Examiner, even the Guardian or San Francisco Weekly? I didn’t. No one did. Gone are the investigative reporting days of Charles McCabe, Dick Nolan, Russ Cone, Bruce Brugmann, Tim Redmond, Lance Williams, Arthur Caylor, much less Ambrose Bierce or Mark Twain.”

    By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • Dr.s Rivero and Kerr with senior

    Watchdogs War Room

    “Perp Walk at Laguna Honda

    “ …turmoil at Laguna Honda … is related to the replacement of competent managers with apparatchiks. Llewellyn’s implosion exposes the fault-lines under Laguna Honda’s occupation - and Hirose’s tenure.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr
    Read More…

  • WOTPCC Board of Officers



    “It was a time of elections and of planning for the November election with groups trying to square off with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority; the Airbnb situation; secondary units; Children and Families, and the MTA pushing their own initiative. Add in a pinch of burglary, some open space dialogue, and a board election and voila, a recipe for the final two WOTPCC meetings of their year. ”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • Ride Share: It's the Wild Wild West

    “While not praising the SFMTA, San Francisco’s current taxi regulator, it has in place stringent rules that guarantee public safety and convenience, including but not limited to complete vehicle coverage for all expected incidents, driver-checks, vehicle-checks, drug-testing, driver-training opportunities …”

    By Brian Browne


  • July-August 2014

    It does matter. San Francisco officials and leaders used to get things done; now they just ask everyone’s opinion and let things die on the vine. Could the Transamerica pyramid get built today? It’s doubtful. I just hope Beach Blanket Babylon isn’t soon moving to Dallas. The lack of leadership and commitment is glaring.”

    Read More…

  • Senior Smarts

    Stroke Survival: Stroke Aftercare

    “Cerebral vascular accidents, or strokes, affect over 700,000 Americans each year. Many stroke survivors have a long-term loss of hand function and a resulting loss of independence. The Saebo Reach splint was designed by occupational therapists to address this type of injury.”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More…

  • Joanne Jordan and Brandon Miller

    If You're In the Homestretch Before Retirement—It's time to 'Floor It'

    “…once you reach age 50 you have more flexibility. Provisions in the tax code allow for “catch-up” contributions to these types of tax-advantaged savings plans.””

    By Brandon Miller and Joanne Jordan Read More…

  • Golden Gate Heights 1927

    Remember When?


    Golden Gate Heights 1927

    Identify the location of any of our Remember When photos and win a prize! Prizes to be announced soon.

    We will share it with the SF History Center.

    Read More…

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