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  • Business Corner

    Landmarking Closer for Iconic El Rey Theater

    “Architect Timothy Pflueger is one of San Francisco's top 20th century architects. He designed and remodeled approximately 10 movie theaters in Northern California between 1922 and 1933, including the Castro, Alhambra, Royal, El Rey, and New Mission Theaters..”



    O'Shaughnessy Closing

    Dog Rule on Hold at GG National Park

    After Sea Level Rise

  • Can You Afford to Live in San Francisco?

    “As San Francisco's general taxes, special taxes, property taxes, parcel taxes, and assorted fees rise to feed an insatiable City government budget appetite, seniors, middle-income families, low-income workers...”

    By George Wooding More...


    “During the notorious Flow Project of 2004, a reckless political decision was made regarding patient admissions. Former LHH Medical Director Dr. Terry Hill was fired for prioritizing patient safety over speeding the flow of younger, sometimes violent, non-paying patients from SFGH.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr Read More


    “The main concern on Mt. Davidson has been the prevalence of non-native species (eucalyptus, English ivy and Himalayan blackberry), which have driven out the characteristic native plants.”

    By Glenn Rogers More...

  • Who's Auditing the Mayor's Hiring Binge?

    “…of the 6,414 additional full-and part-time employees Lee added since taking office 3,178 (49.5%) earn over $100,000 annually and account for 79% ($525.2) million of the $665.7 million annual payroll increase..”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw


  • The times they are a changin'

    “...with the change in Presidency, we need to develop future plans to ensure vital city services are met. It's great the Warriors are building a new stadium, but we must stop the exodus of families from our city.”

    By John Farrell More...

  • Magnificent Magnolias Bloom

    Tickled Pink!

    “It’s gotten nippy out there and that means that the gorgeous winter bloom of San Francisco Botanical Garden’s magnificent magnolias ....”

    Read More…

  • The Art of Picking the Public Purse

    “The announced taxpayer cost is $1,600,000,000; the "sour truth" as calculated by the County Transportation Authority's own consultant means at least $2,100,000,000 and an August, 2019 opening, not 2018. Moreover, the same geniuses want to close Union Square to motor vehicles.”” By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • City Moves to Ban Polystyrene

    “San Francisco's ordinance is now the most expansive ban on polystyrene in the country. Over 97 Californian cities and counties, including 20 cities in the Bay Area, have banned its use.”

    By Tony Taylor

    Read More…

  • Water here, water there; water scare

    “Eighty-five percent of the water from your tap comes from the Tuolumne River ... If the system's ability to take river water is cut drastically, as has been proposed, San Francisco and its service area are in big trouble.”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More…

  • West of Twin Peaks Central Council

    “No Report this Month. MItch will be back on the beat next month.”

    By Mitch Bull


  • Lou Barberini

    The Unaudited, Unverified, Undocumented City Pension

    “Two months have passed since our meeting. I have twice emailed Mr. Huish requesting answers to our questions, yet Mr. Huish still has not answered questions 2, 3, and 4…”

    By Lou Barberini

    Read More…

  • Governor Brown signs bills

    New Laws for 2017 – How Aware are You?

    “…State Assembly and State Senate sent a whopping 1059 pieces of legislation to Governor Jerry Brown's desk for signature in 2016. Of those, the Governor signed 898 bills into law...”


  • FEBRUARY 2017

    “...we are celebrating our 30th year of neighborhood journalism starting with the original Westside Observer (1987-1990), the West of Twin Peaks Observer (1990-2008), and the current Westside Observer (2008-present).”

    Read More

  • Brandon Miller

    8 Tips to Improve your Financial Communications

    “If you feel like you've overspent in the past, look at this holiday season as an opportunity to be creative as you find ways to have fun while keeping your spending in line..”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More

  • Miraculous Recovery Officer Downs and Officer Involved Shooting

    “As 2016 came to a close, we saw a significant decrease in burglaries and auto burglaries. With crime trends on the decrease, it is important to know that our success comes from the partnerships we have made with the community and city agencies.”



  • Remember When?

    THe El Rey Theater Dec. 4, 1942.

    The El Rey theater located at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Lakewood.


    ALSO: See the front page article on the current status of the El Rey!

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