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  • Supervisor Norman Yee

    At Midpoint: District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee

    “ When the Observer met with District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee February 5th in his office at City Hall, we had several specific questions we had planned to ask, but since he could only spare 20 minutes, our list had to be greatly abbreviated. We dispensed with the soft questions and spent our few minutes asking the hard questions.”

    By Doug Comstock


  • Mayor Ed Lee

    Played for a Fool

    “SFE grew from its creation in the revised 1995 City Charter with a budget of $281,000 in 1997 to presently a $20 million operation. It employs over 100 people and occupies a rented 24,400 sq ft space at 1455 Market Street”

    By Nancy Wuerfel & George Wooding More...

  • Magnolias Photo Bob Gunderson

    Magnificent Magnolias

    “...these magnificent magnolias, with trees reaching 80 feet, is at its peak from mid-January through March and is one of the city’s most breathtaking natural marvels. Velvety silver buds on the often bare branches of these elegant trees open...”

    Read More…

  • Quentin Kopp

    Ruminations of a Former Supervisor

    “... a charter amendment introduced by Supervisor Scott Wiener to decrease voter ability to qualify an initiative for the ballot. It requires voters to present any proposed initiative to the Board of Supervisors before collecting signatures. It increases the number of citizen signatures to qualify an initiative.”

    By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • Peeing in Priest Reservoir

    SF Pee UC

    “And just think, if he was seen numerous times, how many times did he actually do it. And if he wasn’t caught, he would be still using the reservoir as his personal toilet. This isn’t funny. ”

    By John Farrell More...

  • Mission Bay

    Best of the Net

    Saving San Francisco

    “The difference is striking. Tall, skinny housing towers in Vancouver leave lots of green, open space between the structures for families to picnic and play. Schools and recreation centers anchor the high rises to create a vibrant community.”

    By Joel Engardio More...

  • Three Murders Headline

    Notorious Crooks of San Francisco

    Bloody Monday

    “There must have been something in the air on Bloody Monday, October 1st 1951

    Two of the murders occurred in the Richmond District. They both involved a marital dispute, another man, and a touch of the macabre. ”

    By Paul Drexler More...

  • Steve Lawrence/OShaugnessy Dam

    SFPUC Watch

    Limiting Water and Sewer Rising Rates

    For the past eighty years, what with the gift of the Hetch Hetchy watershed after the great earthquake of 1906, San Franciscans have enjoyed a much lower rate cost than that. Alas, all good things end.”

    Read More… By Steve Lawrence

  • muni bus

    Free Muni for Seniors and People with Disabilities - March 1

    It’s not too late to apply

    “ Free Muni for low-to-moderate income seniors and people with disabilities program begins March 1. In just over one month, the SFMTA has processed more than 38,000 applications for the Free Muni program expansion. The program is available on Clipper® card only, and in most instances, new applicants have received their Clipper cards in the mail. While, existing Clipper cardholders..”


  • Brian Browne

    SFPUC Brinegate Revisited

    “Blending aquifer water with pristine Hetch Hetchy supplies is statistically not a zero sum game ... There are no solid reasons why San Francisco should have its pristine supplies expropriated as planned by the SFPUC at the whim of peninsula wholesale customers.”

    By Brian Browne


  • -Wendy Paskin-Jordan's Troubling Reappointment

    “... City law prohibits Retirement Board members from investing with “managers of private equity, limited partnerships and non-publicly traded mutual funds that are doing business” with the City’s retirement system..…

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • Crime Report

    Taraval Station

    Daily Crime Report

    9:55 am •100 Farallones St

    Robbery • 5:53 am • 600 Lincoln Way< /br> Officer responded to a report of a robbery. Two men walked into a business and robbed at gun point. Crime Scene Investigators were notified to respond. Suspect #1: Black male; 30-40 years; 6’0” tall; 190 lbs; LSW black mask, green jacket, black gloves Suspect #2: Black male; 40-50 years; 6’0” tall; 190 lbs, white hair. LSW Grey ski mask, dark jacket, blue jeans...”


  • Supervisors Norman Yee and Jane Kim



    “The February meeting of the West of Twin Peaks Central Council featured discussion about proposed changes to the operation of Sutro Tower, an update from Supervisor Norman Yee, a visit from D6 Supervisor Jane Kim, and further discussion of the process of looking at housing on the Balboa Reservoir”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • Dame Edna Retires

    Tinkerbell Retires

    Dame Edna's Absolutely Final Farewell and Glorious Goodbye

    Undaunted by the scurrilous and ungenerous attacks on her artistic integrity and personal morals by American tabloid television, Dame Edna Everage returns to the ailing US stage determined to counter their libelous character assassinations with some home truths, however painful ”

    Read More

  • MARCH 2015

    “Phone Disorder… the time is here for the 628 area code “overlay.” If you’ve had problems with dialing locally, or your “auto dial numbers” are not functioning as they should, you may be caught in the new overlay. Simply put, you now have to dial 1-415-XXX-XXXX to dial any 415 number. ”

    Read More

  • Senior Smarts

    Let’s Talk Boomer Legal and Advance Care Planning

    “The Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) is a 1991 act of U.S. Congress that preserves individual rights to decisions related to personal survival. There are several methods for preserving autonomy: filing appropriating for durable power of attorney for health care, making a living will, or giving a directive to the physician... ”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More

  • Brandon Miller

    Seven Essential Things You Need to Know About Social Security

    “As more baby boomers reach retirement age, they’re realizing the valuable role Social Security will play as a source of lifetime income. Claiming Social Security benefits can be far more complex than you may realize.”

    By Brandon Miller  Read More

  • Wiew of Ingleside

    Remember When?

    Location Identified!

    An Astute Reader Responds: I was browsing the web site of the Westside Observer, looking at old photos and I can identify the location of a photo captioned West Portal, it is also listed under Mysterious Photo of West Portal.


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