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  • Water breaks over the Embarcadero's handrails

    City has "No Plan" for Climate Change

    “Flood damage from rising sea levels can be especially severe when combined with storm surges and high tides,” the report says. “It took the Loma Prieta Earthquake to awaken San Francisco to the necessity of intensified seismic retrofitting. Let’s not wait for a major flooding disaster… ”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • parking ticket

    Speaking Freely

    SF's War on Motorists"

    “… 79% of San Francisco households who own or lease a motor vehicle have been the target of bad transportation policy for the past 15 years, as determined by the radicals who have taken over the SFMTA Board and espouse a “car-less” San Francisco…“

    By Tony Hall


  • The Big Squeeze: Dys-Integration of “Old Friends”

    Laguna Honda Hospital: “Where Do They Go?”

    “In 1999, when voters approved the bonds to rebuild LHH for our “Old Friends,” …those over the age of 75 was 52%. Not any more, due to a variety of changes at LHH.”.…

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • When Will San Francisco Take the Assessor Seriously?

    “… the Assessor position … has been considered a place where someone would be politically rewarded and retire at a high pension. … it is now looked at as a stepping stone for higher office. I hope the current Assessor will take this opportunity to provide a professional environment, and not just use the position like her predecessors …”

    By John Farrell


  • ballon Sculptor at the Taste of West Portal

    A Taste of What's Possible

    ”Last month’s first-ever event “ A Taste of West Portal” drew residents and visitors to West Portal Avenue for food and entertainment, and to the West Portal Playground for canine contests.”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • Take A Taste of West Portal June 14–15th

    “It's "probably the biggest thing the Avenue has had in decades," said Tammy Scott-Wigens, owner of S. Marco Fine Leather, 201 West Portal Avenue. Scott-Wigens has been taking the lead organizing the event. The goal of the event is to triple foot traffic along the avenue.”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • George Wooding

    Election 2014

    Props A and B

    PROP A “For all of this bond's faults, the 2014 ESER bond is vital to the future of San Francisco's well-being.“

    PROP B “Our waterfront is a place that needs careful and attentive stewardship, and if that means letting citizens be a more active part of the political process over its future, then that's a good result.“

    By George Wooding More...

  • Quentin Kopp

    June's Primary Ballot

    Proposition B warrants strong support. I recommend it unqualifiedly.

    Also on the Municipal ballot is Proposition A, a $400,000,000 General Obligation Bond issue for cisterns, pipes, tunnels, other earthquake safety measures and police stations. It requires a super majority two-thirds approval. I intend to vote for it.

    By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • Dr.s Rivero and Kerr with senior

    Watchdog's War Room

    “Integrating” Obamacare at the DPH

    “Reimbursement means that SF General Hospital can charge the average patient $6,716/day …Laguna Honda Hospital charges an average of $968/day, there’s economic pressure to unload non-paying SFGH patients into LHH regardless of whether they benefit from the transfer.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr
    Read More…

  • steve lawrence/hetch hetchy

    Another Do-Good Debacle

    “With creative accounting, for decades Hetchy has paid for itself and given the City's General Fund departments electricity at rates far below market. But all good things come to an end ... Only so long can maintenance and renewal be deferred.”

    By Steve Lawrence


  • Rick Knee, former Chair Sunshine Ordinance Task Force

    The Sunshine Vendetta

    “…the mayor and the Board of Supervisors … made sure that the panel gets minimal funding, staffing and resources, and the board has refused to fill two long-standing vacancies, making it difficult at times to muster a quorum……

    Read More

  • parkmerced

    Parkmerced: Check Your Lease

    “Can an apartment complex the size of Parkmerced fail to disclose that they planned to demolish our home prior to renting us the apartment?”

    By Pastor Lynn Gavin Read More…

  • Brian Browne

    The Ratemaking Season - SFPUC rates

    “San Francisco does need an individual ratepayer advocate who cannot and will not succumb to the siren call of the politicians, special interests, etc.”

    By Brian Browne



    No Meeting in this Issue

    “APRIL MEETING…a discussion of the on-going legislation that is designed to rein in the short-term rental marketplace using services such as AirBnb and VRBO.… Supervisor David Chiu has written legislation that would amend the current law to allow some rentals, but would ban “non-resident owners” from renting in an effort to stop apartment owners from evicting tenants to create a “hotel” type of property. ”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • Prayerbook Cross

    San Francisco's Hidden Gems

    Golden Gate Park: Prayerbook Cross and Peaks & Ponds

    “Prayerbook Cross is the tallest monument in GGP and at close to 60 feet high it goes nearly undetected sitting on a perch above Rainbow Falls. Upon its dedication in January 1894 the cross was visible to ships entering the Golden Gate.”

    By Deanna Micros More...

  • May 2014

    ark your calendars for June 14 as the Avenue throws a party with food, merriment, clowns and a whole lot more. The West Portal Merchants Association has organized the first street fair to hit West Portal in years. From 10 AM to 4 PM the three blocks from Ulloa to 15th Avenue and West Portal Playground will be transformed into a potpourri of happenings and events.”

    Read More…

  • Senior Smarts

    Stroke Survival: Understanding Stroke

    “In a full scale stroke, there is paralysis of one side of the body, the face, or limbs, speech is affected, or there is a period of unconsciousness. In a mini stroke, there are dizzy spells, confusion, memory loss, handwriting change, a numb arm or leg.”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More…

  • Joanne Jordan and Brandon Miller

    Landing Your Dream Job … In Retirement

    “If you do decide to return to the workforce, remember this: the point of a work commitment in retirement is not to replicate your former 40-plus hour work week—you’ve been there and done that. Ideally, your retirement career is about staying active and engaged in ways that keep you young.”

    By Brandon Miller and Joanne Jordan Read More…

  • The Secret to a Bountiful Garden and Beautiful Landscape

    “Seem like too much work? Investing time preparing the soil at the start of the season will save you time throughout the season. You'll spend less time watering, managing pests and replacing struggling or dead plants.”

    By Melinda Myers Read More…

  • students at work


    Local High School Seeks Connection with the Community

    “Once the home of the AT&T call center, Waldorf High School is a notable local example of sustainability in action. The school transformed the idle building in 2008 … visually integrated the surrounding eucalyptus grove, used recycled and repurposed building materials, replaced windows to provide for air flow and sunlight, and installed water saving features ……

    By Amy Belkora



  • Remember When?


    Parkmerced 1945

    Identify the location of any of our Remember When photos and win a prize! Prizes to be announced soon.

    We will share it with the SF History Center.

    Read More…

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