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  • Boathouse Opening

    City has "Boathouse Renovation Brings Our Fans, Critics

    “Westside residents celebrated the re-opening ... activists asked for a new fishing concessionaire at the building. Residents showed up to see what they can expect. Rowing advocates touted the benefits the now-renovated building will bring to their community ”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • City Hall Watchdogs

    “Clogged Sewers Erupt In Whistleblower Retaliation Claim at City Attorney's Office

    “ Unhappily, it led directly into Herrera’s inner circle. Seven months later, … her investigation was quashed, she was pulled from her post, … after turning 60, she was terminated..”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr
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  • First Step: Admit You Have a Problem

    “Based on my own 35 years of experience in private industry and government (…12 years were in the Assessor’s Office), … a professional, qualified and independent Assessor means at least $100 million more annually in tax revenue to the City.…”

    By John Farrell


  • Trattoria

    Trattoria Marks Milestone

    “Business is booming, according to D’Urzo. And visits to the trattoria reveal a bright, shiny space. D’Urzo says it was a great first year. ”

    By Keith Burbank More...

  • Patrick Monette-Shaw

    Civil Grand Jury Report on Ethics Commission

    Ethics’ Pretenses vs. Sunshine

    “...the Jury’s June 2011 report focused heavily on the dismissal of all 18 Sunshine complaints referred by the Task Force to the Ethics Commission for enforcement between 2004 — the year St. Croix was first hired — and 2010. Each of the 18 cases was dismissed by the Executive Director; none was ever heard during an open hearing before the Ethics Commission..…

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • simulated soccer lights

    November Election

    Prop “I” – Initiative uses kids as a front for Rec and Park power grab

    “Prop I makes doubling usage the ONLY value in deciding on a project. Most commercial uses would double usage. Will Prop I open up your park to commercialization?”

    By Kathy Howard More...

  • Computer Class

    Opinion Editorial

    Don't Kick Grandma Out of Pottery Class

    “The rule against repeatability is devastating to seniors for whom ongoing class participation can mean the difference between years of isolation or association with like-minded friends.””


  • A Fearless approach to the November 4 Municipal Election, containing 12 ballot measures

    Proposition A ... In 55 years of reading general obligation bond measures, City and State, I’ve never seen a vaguer measure. ‘Nuff said'.”

    By Quentin Kopp Read More…

  • Howard Strassner

    Why Prop L on November's Ballot Is Unrealistic

    "if you want to be able to drive and find a parking space at a price that you are willing to pay, then it is fair that your parking fees are used to provide transit that is good enough to induce people to use it when they can, so that you will suffer less congestion than you might experience if transit were worse"

    By Howard Strassner More...

  • West Portal Morning

    Dont Turn West of Twin Peaks Into Fawlty Towers

    “A… let’s use the correct terminology to describe what is really going on here. People who rent rooms to tourists are not 'home-sharers.' They are 'home-renters.' … Renting rooms to tourists is a commercial activity.”

    By Roger Ritter More...

  • Revisiting Power Deregulation

    “The goals of AB1890 were to bring electric supply and demand into competitive price equilibrium and to achieve significant market efficiencies and price reductions. ... These changes were self-defeating and doomed this deregulatory effort from the start.”

    By Brian Browne


  • September 2014

    NAPA Quake affects us all…our thoughts and wishes go out to everyone affected by the recent quake in Napa and the surrounding communities. It is a sobering reminder that when Mother Nature wants to flex the earth’s crust, the power is immense, quickly crumbling structures and dreams. It is amazing and fortunate there were no fatalities.”

    Read More…

  • Old map of Golden Gate Park

    Hidden Gems

    Public Tennis Courts

    “In 1865, when San Francisco's Daily Evening Bulletin asked its readers if it were not time for the city to finally establish a public park, residents had only private gardens and small urban squares where they could retreat from urban crowding, noise, and filth. Five short years later, city supervisors approved the creation of Golden Gate Park, the second largest urban park in America.”

    By Michael Moran


  • Senior Smarts

    Adaptive Clothing for Stroke Survivors

    “After a stroke it may be difficult to perform activities of daily living, especially donning and doffing clothes. Simple Pleasures provides a solution with garments for women.”

    Anise J. Matteson
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  • Joanne Jordan and Brandon Miller

    Adjusting Your Money Mindset

    “Money is a powerful force in our lives. We’re required to think about money—how much we have, how much we want, how to get more of it— on a regular basis. Undoubtedly, how we think about money influences our emotions and behaviors. For these reasons, if you’re serious about improving your financial life, it can be helpful to examine your money mindset, look for patterns that may interfere with your personal goals, and replace what hinders you with more productive habits.”

    By Brandon Miller and Joanne Jordan Read More…

  • Parkmerced 1950

    Remember When?


    Golden Gate Heights 1927

    Identify the location of any of our Remember When photos and win a prize! Prizes to be announced soon.

    We will share it with the SF History Center.

    Read More…

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