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  • City College: A Threat Averted, But Many Challenges Ahead

    “Lamb closed all 11 City College campuses in response to the strike, citing safety concerns. April 27's faculty-led strike marked the first ever in City College's 80 years of existence.”

    Marco Siler-Gonzales More...

  • Tree Pruning? Beware, Your Pocketbook May Get Pruned

    “DPW and the Urban Forestry Department's fining policy appears to be in opposition to their stated goals of encouraging the public to plant sidewalk trees.”

    By Ken Hoegger


  • Proposition B: A Bad Set-aside

    “…there are between $1 billion and $1.7 billion in deferred maintenance in the parks, yet the word “maintenance” has been deleted from the legal text of Prop. B. No one knows on which projects the Proposition money will be spent, or how it will be spent.”

    By George Wooding More...

  • Quentin Kopp

    Ruminations of a
    Former Supervisor

    “Quentin goes through the City and State Proposions, and candidate recommendations.”

    By Quentin Kopp


  • Look Out Behind You Mr. Jordan. That’s No Bull

    “You may still be the greatest player of all time. But if the Warriors win the championship this year than your Bulls are number two. And that’s no bull.”

    By John Farrell 


  • June 7th Election 2016

    Election Recommendations

    Depend on Patrick to give you a no-holds-barred look at the candidates and measures on the ballot.


    By Patrick Monette-Shaw 


  • Discretionary Hiring Fuels Mistrust

    “…some 30 disheartened City employees - most from the Human Services Agency (HSA) - put their jobs on the line to denounce “favoritism, nepotism and cronyism” in hiring and promotion.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr

    Read More

  • By the Numbers

    Should A 401k Replace The Public Employees Pension?

    “The newest adventure perpetuates SFERS’s habit of paying Wall Street financiers exorbitant, hedge fund-level fees. Only this time, SFERS’ is going all the way to China to circumvent US government oversight.”

    Read More…

  • Crime Report

    Captain Flaherty Takes a Bite — Out of Gascón!

    “...even if an officer makes an arrest for an auto break-in, the prosecution process doesn’t begin and the subject is released... once the same subject is arrested on multiple different incidents of auto break-ins, then the District Attorney’s Office will prosecute...”




    Seven Maids with Seven Mops?

    “Digesters reduce the solids. Bugs consume the organic matter. The dead bug bodies emerge as sludge, which can be used as fertilizer.”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More…

  • APRIL MEETING of West Of Twin Peaks Central Council

    “Junior ROTC, WOTPCC Nominations, and a Supervisorial candidates’ forum were the main topics of the April 25th meeting of the West of Twin Peaks Central Council.”

    By Mitch Bull


  • MAY 2016

    “...Dave Dravecky, the former Giant’s starting pitcher who overcame a cancer diagnosis and surgery, worked to return to major league baseball, pitched (and won) his comeback game, and then suffered the catastrophic injury (in 1989) that would end his career...”

    Read More

  • Brandon Miller

    Municipal Bankruptcies Continue To Draw Headlines

    “While a municipality may run into financial difficulty, its bonds can remain attractive.”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More

  • Health Matters

    Night Kitchen

    “Food cravings, poor concentration, and the dreaded two o'clock slump are just a few indications that our bodies need more rest. Adequate sleep should be considered a requirement rather than a luxury. So what can we do to get more zs?”

    By Sharone Franzen
    Read More…

  • Senior Smarts

    Senior Housing: Choosing Where You Live to Have a Dynamic Life

    “Stories of seniors who have homes and they are thinking, 'Well I can't climb the stairs much anymore' but where am I going to go? I'd like to stay in my neighborhood…”

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More

  • Remember When?

    Glen Park 1909 “Beneke Tietz with cow in Glen Canyon 1909. (Note with photo) Valborg C. Tietz,'... The cows were quite tame, as you can see. The Good Brothers owned the dairy."Permission: San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library”


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