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  • Ocean Beach Erosion

    Erosion Spurs Planning at Ocean Beach

    "This poses a very real threat to a very critical sewage-treatment complex that is essential to protect coastal water quality in San Francisco. The environmental consequences of a rupture and sewage spill would be severe.”


  • Election 2014

    SF Voter's Choice”

    “… Measure I, to renovate the fields at the Beach Chalet with artificial turf, lighting, and bleachers was approved by a similar 55-45 margin. As we go to press, SF Park and Rec is already starting work on the project.”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • City Hall Watchdogs

    City Attorney’s Sewer Stand-Off Needs Sunshine

    “ She did not admit to any wrongdoing but agreed to pay $28,000, including $19,704 in back wages to 6 employees and $8,296 in penalties for violating the City’s prevailing wage law.”

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr
    Read More…

  • Let the Farce Be With You

    “Over the last few years we lost the 49ers. We lost the Lucas Museum that should have never been allowed to leave this City. We lost America’s Cup. In my opinion, we have lost out direction on where we are heading.”

    By John Farrell


  • End of the Road for Residential Neighborhoods

    “ Last year, Supervisor David Chiu rezoned the City’s residential housing stock by making secondary units legal throughout the entire City. His legislation was so bureaucratic and ridiculous that only seven residents have signed-up.”

    By George Wooding and Glen Rogers More...

  • >Cornelius Stagg

    Notorious Crooks of San Francisco

    The Death of Cornelius Stagg

    Famous guests such as President Ulysses Grant, Buffalo Bill, and Emperor Don Pedro of Brazil visited, and the Ocean House rivaled the Cliff House for attracting wealthy sporting men.”

    By Paul Drexler More...

  • Running Wild at Rec and Park

    "Recreation and Parks General Manager Phil Ginsburg and Permits and Reservations Manager Dana Ketcham together control access to more than 11% of all land within the City and County of Francisco…"

    By Anmarie Mabbutt More...

  • Patrick Monette-Shaw

    Billionairs Buying Elections

    “...a letter signed by more than 50 women to Chiu’s campaign headquarters demanding that Chiu stop playing politics with domestic violence.…

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw

  • Hidden Gems- Branch Libraries

    Hidden Gems

    San Francisco’s Public Libraries: The Carnegie Libraries still stand out

    "In a world that is systematically hollowing out the middle class and starving social support agencies, our libraries stand as a testament that we were once a more civil and socially-conscious society.”

    By David Killian


  • Forest Hill Clubhouse



    “Housing and neighborhood issues were the dominant themes again at the November meeting of the West of Twin Peaks Central Council. Vice President Sally Stephens brought the meeting to order in the absence of President Roger Ritter. ”

    By Mitch Bull More...

  • Illegal Water Rates

    “A two-tier system implies that some ratepayers will subsidize other ratepayers. This is illegal under Prop 218. Rates must equal utility costs for all customers. Subsidies between different classes of customers are illegal.”

    By Brian Browne


  • November 2014

    “Congratulations to the SF Giants… what a fantastic finish to a weird and wonderful baseball postseason. Beating the favored Pirates (on the road), the favored Washington Nationals (with the amazing 18 inning game), and the favored St. Louis Cardinals (in America’s self-proclaimed greatest baseball city…) to get to the World Series to face another wild-card team that had steamrolled their way (undefeated) over the Athletics, the Angels and the Orioles… ”

    Read More…

  • Senior Smarts

    Alzheimer's Awareness

    “Viewing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s as normal may result in delayed access to treatment and services. In many cultures, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and related disorders is viewed as part of the normal aging processes.

    Anise J. Matteson
    Read More…

  • Joanne Jordan and Brandon Miller

    Women Are Taking Control of their Finances

    “…women’s financial engagement and attitudes tend to improve with age. For example, 76 percent of boomer women said they have a long-term financial plan they feel comfortable with, compared to just over half (55%) of younger women..”

    By Brandon Miller and Joanne Jordan Read More…

  • Remember When?

    View of the Sunset from Golden Gate Heights

    View of the Sunset District from Golden Gate Heights • January 16, 1928. Written on front: “View from Funston Ave. & Pacheco St.


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