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  • Guest Commentary

    District 7 Election for Supervisor Draws Challengers

    “While the final date for candidates for supervisor to file nomination papers is June 14th, these candidates for District 7 have responded to our inquiries..”
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  • Make City College Free

    “For years, CCSF lived on the revenue financials generated by 80,000 to 90,000 students … because of the college's excellent reputation for teaching, student services, job skills, adult education, and/or transfer opportunities to the UC's, CSU's, and other colleges and universities.”

    By George Wooding More...

  • Thank You Chief Suhr

    “Whether you liked the Chief or not, which I do, I can tell you one thing, Greg Suhr would never sell out the City. And as Al Pacino said in the movie Scent of a Woman, "That is called integrity.”

    By John Farrell More...

  • Quentin Kopp

    Ruminations of a
    Former Supervisor

    “…corporations like Airbnb, Uber, PG&E, and other tax dodgers, they will secure ballot approval for an annual earmark for the Recreation and Parks Department in the yearly San Francisco budget, together with a parcel tax on homeowners to benefit giant corporate property owners (Measure AA)”

    By Quentin Kopp


  • Lucas' Museum

    He's Back!

    “…if this development is to be viable then I recommended working with BART in putting a station on Yerba Buena Island … which goes right by the island … If this development is to be a success than access is crucial..”

    By John Farrell More...

  • Another Bait-and-Switch?

    November's Affordable Housing Bond Snookered Voters

    “…the City knew last November that the $310 million was an insufficient amount, and were planning on issuing additional COP's to make up the gap. And for all we know, they may issue even more COP's for affordable housing, or for housing the homeless, in the near future.”


    By Patrick Monette-Shaw 


  • Loss of Trust: The Human Resources Department

    “Are "business-like" practices devaluing the very workers who are expected to serve challenging clients with compassion and respect?””

    By Dr. Maria Rivero & Dr. Derek Kerr

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  • By the Numbers

    Say It Ain't So, Joe

    “I asked Joe again: "Over the past 35 years, can you name a single city employee that has received a life insurance payout from our DC life insurance product?”

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  • Crime Report

    46% Increase in Burglaries — Don't Be a Victim!

    “…the citywide trend for burglaries is showing an increase of 2% since the last reporting period but unfortunately, the Taraval district has seen a 49% increase.”




    Green Head

    “In 2002 SFPUC obtained relief from having to get voter approval for going into debt. That enabled expansion of the agency… An expanding agency wanted new digs, and green credentials. Its headquarters is glamorous … It's all part of what you pay for when you pay your water and sewer bill, or your rent.”

    By Steve Lawrence

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  • MAY MEETING of West Of Twin Peaks Central Council

    “Public Safety ruled the day at the April 23rd meeting of the West of Twin Peaks Central Council … with the first of the "public safety" speakers, SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi.”

    By Mitch Bull


  • JUNE 2016

    “A series to remember… As we go to print the Warriors are just starting the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers in a rematch from last year. A week ago they were pronounced "all but dead" by most fans after getting shellacked in back to back games in Oklahoma City.”

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  • Unveiling a Flawed and Enigmatic Tax System

    “This may give comfort to the bond markets as to the ability of the SFPUC to adequately service debt from present and future enterprise revenues, but such an assumption is highly debatable, and unreasonable based on economic theory. It must be revisited.”

    By Brian Browne


  • Brandon Miller

    A Checklist for Retiring Abroad

    “…there is a big difference between being a tourist and a resident. Think about how your day-to-day routine would change and what elements you'd like to stay the same, such as going to the gym or volunteering.”

    By Brandon Miller

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  • Senior Smarts

    Weather Forecast Preparedness: Rain, Lightning and Thunderstorm

    “Stories of seniors who have homes and they are thinking, 'Well I can't climb the stairs much anymore' but where am I going to go? I'd like to stay in my neighborhood…”

    Anise J. Matteson
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  • Remember When?

    19th Avenue and Ortega • April 10, 1934 Infant shelter on east side of 19th Avenue, south of Ortega. By permission San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library


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