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  • No Takers for Laguna Honda's Aid-In-Dying Program

    “...Laguna Honda Hospital (LHH) approved a medical aid-in-dying policy last May... it allows terminally ill patients with decision-making capacity to self-administer prescribed lethal sedatives in the hospital.” By Dr. Derek Kerr & Dr. Maria Rivero Read More

  • Could the Westside Burn after an Earthquake?

    Cisterns require 2 fire engines to use cistern water - one to pump water out and one to connect to the fire hoses to douse the fires within 1000 feet. There are 6 fire engines stationed in these two districts, so only 3 fires can be fought simultaneously.”

    By Nancy Wuerfel More...

  • Willie Brown Reelected!

    “Brown started recruiting future mayoral candidates he and his political machine could elect and control. The “Brown machine” is run by, and comprised of, just one person: Willie Brown.”

    By George Wooding

    More ...

  • Quentin Kopp

    Post Election Opinions

    “... last month’s announcement that the incumbent supervisor in the Sunset District indicated that she would not run for re-election in November. Within one day, an aide declared her candidacy. The aide registered to vote in San Francisco only on March 27, 2018 and was raised in Los Angeles.”

    Quentin Kopp
    Read More

  • <>

    Is the Uber and Lyft Model in Jeopardy?

    Now that Uber and Lyft have outcompeted taxis, their next goal is to outcompete with mass transit, which is suffering a diminished ridership from Uber and Lyft daily..” By Glenn Rogers More ...

  • Following the Money

    Land Grab for Laguna Honda's Campus

    “As desperately as the City needs senior housing, this plan should be opposed because it rules out either “assisted living” or “residential care facilities,” both of which are in desperately-needed short supply.”

    By Patrick Monette-Shaw Read More

  • City's Desperate Need For Skilled Nursing Beds

    “Subacute SNF patients from St. Luke's will displace patients at Davies Medical Center. Rooms have been modified for the subacute patients but are very small compared to St. Luke's rooms. These beds will be subacute SNF beds only for as long as these patients live, per CPMC..”

    by Dr. Teresa Palmer Read More ...


    “A vibrant seasonal show takes place every year as the four-acre native plants blaze into bloom. With over 700 species native wildflower meadow and surrounding arroyos and woodlands come to colorful life with bright blue wild lilac...”

    Read More…

  • Westside Car Break-Ins Subsiding - Perhaps

    “Uncorrected data from the Taraval Police Station's website (www.Taraval.org) show a downward trend in reported auto burglaries...it means 4 local car break-ins each day.” By Dr. Derek Kerr Read More

  • One Board Member's Behavior

    Violations at the Retirement Board?

    “In my recent Westside Observer columns, I have presented evidence the Retirement System's stewardship of the $20+ billion defined benefit pension plan and the voluntary $3.4 billion deferred comp plan were poorly managed, and that the later, unaudited deferred comp plan should be audited.”

    By Lou Barberini

    Read More ...

  • Affordable Housing—It's Not That Easy.

    “But every neighborhood wants housing added elsewhere. In order to keep rent increases down, new housing must be allowed somewhere. What to do?” ”

    By Steve Lawrence

    Read More ...

  • West of Twin Peaks Central Council

    “The June meeting ... was highlighted by Mayor Mark Farrell sharing his experience as the Mayor of SF... with a good turnout of delegates.”

    By Mitch Bull Read More ...

  • JULY 2018

    It's all over and the voters have spoken… San Francisco has a new Mayor and she's the same as the old Interim Mayor, London Breed. In a very hotly contested race, Breed won the first-place votes handily. ” Read More ...

  • Brandon Miller

    Plan for Financial Freedom, Even if You Are not Rich

    “Do your best to put safeguards in place, such as insurance and emergency savings. And then try to accept that you can't control everything.”

    By Brandon Miller

    Read More ...

  • Meet With the Captain-Tuesday, July 18 & August 15 | 6 pm –7 pm Taraval Station Community Room

    Burglaries Down, Robberies Level

    “...Burglary and theft from vehicles are down, while we are on par, same as last month with robberies.  The majority of the robberies were business related, late night....” Read More ...

  • senior couple

    Senior Smarts

    Medicare: The Cost of Aging

    “If you have not thought about advance care planning, Medicare covers voluntary advance care planning as part of the yearly "Wellness" visit. Medicare may also cover this service as part of your medical treatment.”

    Read More…

  • Remember When?

    Junipero Serra Rails | December 4, 1929

    Improvement to Shared Municipal and Market Street Railway Streetcar Tracks View North on Junipero Serra with Commodore Sloat Elementary on Right
    December 4, 1929 • Reproduction by permission of SFMTA Photo Gallery More ...

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